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"I want to be a footballer someday," said seven-year-old James.

"Do you intend to score goals and become a legend in soccer?" his mom asked. "Not really; I love the attention the footballers get, replied James.

" But why play the game if you're not in it to win it? His mom asked.

This is the position most of us find ourselves in today. We are afraid to set lofty, ambitious goals, and then fail, so we sit on the fence with our dreams. And so, it becomes easier to be there.

Expect more from yourself than anyone else around you could ever expect from you. Don't let average describe your life. Play in the big leagues. Fly up into the narrow space of rare air with your dreams, and you will find out that you don't have a lot of company out on the extra mile.

Let the idea of reaching more of your hidden genius turn you on daily. Challenge yourself to outperform the expectations you had of yourself yesterday, and you will discover that being extraordinary in all you do is one of the real secrets of happiness.

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