Top technology tools for teachers (series 2)

  • Note: You can read the first part of this article here.


    Zaption is an education tool for making video lessons. What differentiates Zaption from ordinary videos is that it gives teachers the room to insert features such as captions/subtitles, questions, etc. that will make students more engaged and actively involved while watching the videos. Zaption videos can be created either through web ( or through iOS apps version.


    Versalis a digital platform which allows teachers (and other general users) to hold interactive online classes. With Versal, teachers can make customized lessons for their students from anywhere in the world. Versal is available on


    This tool bridges the communication among the teachers, parents, and the students.  Remind enables teachers to communicate effectively in the classroom and keep students informed as they receive messages from their teachers delivered on their mobile. It also affords school owners to communicate with their schools from anywhere. Remind does not leave the parents out; it keeps parents informed about whatever is going on in their kids’ schools and organize the messages in a one place for easy reference. Remind is available on and Google Play Store.


    Socrative aids effective classroom engagement and makes learning fun filled. With Socrative, teachers can do quick assessments for students by using prepared activities or questions.

    Additio App

    This is a tool mainly used in assessing and grading students’ works. It also functions as attendance management system as teachers can use it to take student’s attendance.

    With Additio, teachers can; seamlessly organize or control students’ seating plan, create groups for students’ team work, and design timetable.

    Additio is available on iOS and Google Play Store.


    This is another app that makes communication among educators, students, and parents/guardians easy and effective. Classdojo is accessible on


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