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Honjo International Offers Scholarship Foundation 2021

  • Honjo International Scholarship Foundation offers fully funded scholarships for international students. This scholarship is offered for masters and PhD. Honjo Scholarship provides monthly allowance, accommodation charges and Travel expenses for attending an international conference.

    Honjo International Scholarship Foundation has been established to provide scholarships to bright students who are struggling to study under different conditions in developing nations as well as to those Japanese students studying abroad, to help them learn advanced technologies and improve their good intentions will serve as a bridge connecting Japan with the rest of the world in culture and mutual friendships.


    • Required Language: English and Japanese
    • Eligible Countries: All world countries. The student who does not possess Japanese citizenship
    • In principle, the student enrolling in a professional graduate school is not eligible for apply. However, student who can submit a research plan is eligible to apply.
    • To be eligible, the student applying for PhD program must have been born after August 31, 1984. Student applying for master’s program must have been born after August 31, 1989.
    • The student should have a strong will to serve in his / her home country after graduation. This doesn’t mean to have employment guaranteed already or to return his / her home country immediately after graduating the university.
    • The student must have a deep understanding of international friendship and goodwill, and must attend the events organized by the foundation and take part in the network as an alumni member.
    • The student must be able to carry an everyday conversation in Japanese. Interviews will be conducted in Japanese. (no exception)

    Visit the official scholarship website.