Tips to fund college education from scholarships

  • You can get a scholarship by your good academic record, geographical location, extramural activities, skills/talent and many more to bear college expenses. Students spend days applying for scholarships and even years to pay off student loan debt. This article is a guideline for all such students to know how they can go for the successful submission in less time. Continue reading below to know the tips how you can find scholarship and pay your college fee.

    1. List of prospective colleges

    To make college fee more affordable, start by making a list of those reputed colleges which offer scholarships. Once you make a list, start applying. In most colleges, applying for admission and applying for a scholarship is a separate process. College admission application deadline can also be different than the submission of the scholarship application. If you have gotten good grades in high school, the chances of getting a scholarship are more obvious.

    2. Apply for local scholarships

    There are many organizations, clubs, foundations and communities which offer student scholarships to help them in continuing their study. Try to search for such scholarships on social media, local radio, and community portals, etc. Are you or your parent member of any national club, church, NGO, chamber of commerce? Many of the large corporations or civic groups offer scholarships to their members and their children. Take advantage of your family’s membership to get a scholarship with less competition. You can get good search results by geographical search online. For instance, type “scholarship in New York” on Google search bar. Be specific in your online search. In searching online, be aware of the fact that you never pay to investigate scholarships. Those who offer scholarships do not demand any “money” at all.

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    Many organizations demand essays, videos, and projects as a part of the scholarship application. A lot of students do not apply for such scholarships thinking this to be a lot of work. Remember, the more work means fewer applications and ultimately less applicant pool. You must opt for such offers since you have higher chances of being awarded for that particular scholarship.

    3. Keep in touch with your academic mentor

    Your academic advisor can also guide you about the scholarship options that are good for you. Many colleges have their “college counsellors” who help students in planning their financial aid strategy.

    4. Do not miss the deadline

    You must take care of the scholarship deadlines strictly. Your all effort will be futile if your application arrives late. You would have zero chances of receiving the scholarship. Adhering deadlines is the most crucial factor of “scholarship application submission process.”

    5. Scholarship’s essay writing techniques

    Many students don’t get ahead of just introducing themselves in the essay. Many scholarship committees can disqualify you if you do so. Stick only to the relevant points in your essay. Do not repeat the same thing again and again. Be specific in describing your personality traits. Directly go to the reasons why you deserve this scholarship. Don’t write an essay in a poetic way like writing quotations, poems, etc. It will give a wrong impression. Use your own words to make it unique and original.

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