Top 13 international scholarship opportunities for Africans

  • Close your eyes for a moment and imagine studying your dream course or pursuing your field of study abroad. You’re not alone. Many African students dream of studying abroad, further their research and obtain certifications through scholarship grants. While everyone might not get this opportunity, most students who stand out academically and meet all the requirements often become beneficiaries of these scholarship opportunities.

    In Africa, there has been a spike in the quest for education, research and outstanding academic works. Of course, education is the key. Many Africans are already beneficiaries of international scholarship opportunities. Some American universities, non-American universities and organizations provide undergraduate or Master’s programs or even PhD. You might be the next in line.

    We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 12 international scholarship and fellowship opportunities you cannot reject cheerfully. Let’s dive in and uncover these opportunities!

    1. MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

    MasterCard Foundation Scholars program is bent on educating and developing young Africans who are bright but marginalized economically. This program also focuses on people from developing countries who have shown a “give-back” attitude towards transforming their continent.

    This scholarship program partners with many US universities to give scholarships to about 15,000 young people from Africa and other developing countries. Michigan State University (MSU), University of California, Berkeley, Arizona State University, Stanford University and Duke University, among others, partner with MasterCard on this program to offer scholarships.

    2. Rotary Peace Fellowship for Masters and Professional Programs

    This is one of the annual scholarship opportunities for developing countries and African students. They are committed to building and equipping young professionals around the world. They offer Professional Development and Master’s Degree certificate to their students.

    Rotary funds up to 100 fellowships annually. Through training, practice and networking opportunities, Rotary grooms fellows to become experienced catalysts for peace. With over 1,200 fellows trained in the past 10 years, Rotary still breeds world leaders.

    People with proficiency in English, commitment to peace and international understanding, certificate applicants and Master’s degree applicants are eligible for this program.

    3. African Humanities Fellowship Program for Sub-Saharan Africans

    With monetary support from Carnegie Corporation of New York, The American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) offers competition for fellowships. This is applicable to Nigerians, Tanzanians, Ugandans, South Africans and Ghanaians.

    American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) efforts have catalyzed the growth of the African humanities community. This program, which has been in existence for a decade, will throw up two more competitions for fellowships.

    4. African Presidential Fellowship Program at the University of Michigan USA

    This program creates an opportunity for early careers from Uganda, South Africa, Liberia and Ghana to partner with students and faculties at the University of Michigan. Scholars can access research materials, participate in research and forward their works while participating in other relevant activities.

    This program will start in 2020, and applicants will be allowed to choose either of the cohorts that will be hosted. Candidates who apply must be faculty members in Uganda, South Africa, Liberia and Ghana. They should have support and letter of recommendation from their home institutions. Candidates should be able to stay in residence for 4 to 6 months.

    5. IFS Research Grant for Developing Countries’ Applicants

    Right from 1974, IFS has offered over 7,000 grants to promising scientists from various developing African countries, Latin America, the Pacifica, Asia, and the Caribbean. It allows a maximum budget of $12,000 and allows new applicants to apply for research grants.

    Its major objective is to improve the capacity of scientists in their early careers. This scholarship ensures LLMIC scientists generate and disseminate scientific knowledge, improve their capacity and put research into use. Donors and collaborating organizations fund the program.

    6. Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships in Canada

    For developing countries, this opportunity lets talented doctoral students pursue their dreams. Trudeau Foundation offers an annual doctoral scholarship to students in the social sciences and humanities field. This encourages upcoming talents in developing countries and Canada to have a long-lasting and meaningful impact. Every year, Trudeau Foundation offers about 15 scholarships to assist doctoral candidates who are pursuing courses related to any of the foundation’s theme.

    The foundation’s program is committed to training engaged leaders to structure capacity for academics to ensure research is available and feasible. Trudeau Foundation will be hosting a 3-year program starting from 2020.

    7. UK Scholarship

    Commonwealth Scholarship offers over 200 scholarships every year. The commission invites university, university body or nominating agency to pull up a number of nominations for scholarships meant for developing countries. Each of these nominating bodies has a unique selection process. They often set their deadline about a month before Commonwealth Scholarship Commissions’ nominations deadline.

    8. Reach Oxford Scholarships

    This is a scholarship opportunity for undergraduate students from developing countries. Formerly known as Oxford Student Scholarships, Reach Oxford Scholarships are offered by some Oxford colleges. They offer these opportunities to students who can’t study for a degree in their nations because of the unavailability of modern educational facilities, political or financial reasons.

    Reach Oxford Scholarship provides fees for college and university, living expenses, and return flight at the start and end of each year’s course.

    9. Clarendon Fund Scholarship

    Clarendon Fund Scholarship opportunity is meant for all graduate applicants. Whether Doctoral degree, Masters or MBA, Clarendon scholarship is open to all. It covers tuition fees as well as college fees. It also offers grant enough to cater to living expenses.

    The University of Oxford is known for grooming leaders. Clarendon Fund Scholarship is a significant scholarship scheme at the university, providing almost 140 new scholarships annually. It’s awarded based on academic excellence, mainly.

    10. Skoll Masters Scholarship

    Incoming MBA students who are bent on pursuing solutions for immediate environmental and social changes are eligible for this scholarship program. Skoll Scholarship offers exclusive opportunities and funding to ensure these incoming students at Oxford University meet with top entrepreneurs, investors and thought-leaders. The scholarship program covers part of living expenses and full college and tuition fees.

    It’s a competitive scholarship meant for incoming MBA Said Business School, University of Oxford. It offers to fund for unique entrepreneurs who have been grinding towards entrepreneurial initiatives or have set up one.

    11. 7UP Havard Business School Scholarship

    Initiated by a booming and robust brand, Seven Up Bottling Company PLC, 7UP Havard Business School Scholarship is committed to creating a better ground for young and promising Nigerians.

    This scholarship program is offered annually and is taken at Havard Business School, USA. It’s open to any Nigerian who has successfully gotten admission into the Havard Business School’s 2-year MBA program. They are required to send their admission letter to for further instructions.

    In a bid to celebrate its 50th anniversary and in line with its undying vision of creating a greener pasture for Nigeria, Seven Up Bottling Company PLC creates this scholarship program for Nigerian citizens. It covers travel expenses and tuition fees.

    12. Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Scholarship

    MENA scholarship is open to mid-career experts from Oman, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Tunisia and Syria to be a part of a brief course in the Netherlands.  These short courses often last for two to twelve weeks.

    Every year, about 120 scholarships come up for grabs and well-distributed among these countries. Nearly half of this scholarship opportunity is allocated to female applicants. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs mainly funds it.

    13. Mid Sweden University Tuition Fee Scholarships

    Mid Sweden University offers students who are not from Switzerland and those from non-EU/EEA countries and Switzerland the opportunity to study with them while they pay subsidized tuition fees. The reduction in tuition fee goes up to 70,000 SEK, 140,000 SEK, or 250,000 SEK, and they are according to each beneficiary’s chosen programme. The next set of beneficiaries will start Sweden Course in September 2020.

    You can now choose to apply for scholarships, if eligible, to enjoy amazing opportunities to reach your career goals, give back and grow.

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