8 effective ways to use technology to increase productivity

  • With the latest development in technology, it has become a common perception that productivity should be on the rise. However, according to the research conducted by authentic business organizations, some contradicting results were obtained. Till the latest advancements in the smartphone industry, the productivity of companies has suffered a lot.

    While getting rid of technology may seem an obvious solution, effective utilization of it is the need of the hour. Small improvements in employee training and discipline can increase their efficiency and reduce the time required for company tasks. Here are some effective ways to improve the productivity with minimum effort.

    1. Use the required technology

    Technology is not something that you should jump in, unknowingly. It can revolutionize your business or put it to the ground. You can incorporate technology into the daily life of your company effectively, only if you realize where it is needed. Determine where and how productivity can be increased, performance can be improved, and gaps can be filled through technology.

    2. Adopt automation

    Look for tools that can automate the procedure of your organization. Automating responses to emails and texts, designing work schedules, online bill payments, reports, presentations and developing organizational structures to save time and money. You can digitalize many processes to reduce your efforts.

    3. Don’t overuse it

    Don’t try to fix technology into everything. Some things are better left unchanged, at least for the moment. For example, applications like WhatsApp can improve communication between a member of the organization. Similarly, word, excel, and note can improve documentation and analysis. But, not every application can meet your needs. So, don’t waste your time on it.

    4. Make use of your calendar

    A calendar is a very important tool, that is being ignored by many and is highly underrated. If it is just hanging on your wall, then it is better just to throw it away. You need to utilize it effectively. Similarly, calendar app keeps track of your activities, important events and notifies you when a meeting or anything else comes up.

    5. Improve employee awareness

    Spread information through your organization about the latest incorporation of technology. Encourage your staff to adopt and make use of technology, to increase productivity and reduce effort. If necessary, make it compulsory. It is highly imperative for the organization.

    6. Set attainable goals

    Set comprehensive and realizable goals. There are plenty of smartphone apps that help you in keeping track of your goals and accomplishing them. They notify you whenever you are straying from your goals or lagging behind the schedule. The record your data and provide feedback. Ultimately, they can assist you a lot in achieving those goals.

    7. Improve customer service

    Technology can improve customer service, contact, and response. Automate the procedure of calls and responses to generic queries. It will not only reduce your labour but also save you and your client some extra time. Create your app or webpage to increase your audience and provide general information to customers, so that they don’t have to visit your office time and time again.

    8. 24-hour access

    Technology can help your business run the whole day long. Automation will allow you to run some procedures without the need for labour all the time. If your customer tries to contact you after work hours and no one answers, it damages your reputation. So, automation provides 24-hour access to your customers.

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