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Cooking as an Art

  • Laziness has become a very lucrative business don't you think? The need for comfort has created a niche for creative minds to come up with incredible ways to make that happen, especially in terms of cooking and cooking gadgets. I love comfort, everyone loves comfort, no one wants to suffer unnecessarily when there's an easier and quicker way to do things. I for one, I am very grateful for Pounding machine. Lol. Because I love pounded yam but I hate the stress of pounding it and I don't really like the taste or smell of poundo yam, so Pounding machine is like a life saver for me. I'm sure you all have one gadget or the other that has changed your life and made things easier for you.

    Now, I love food, yes I'm a foodie and I love the act of cooking. I have to fight for the remote to watch Food channel every chance I get... Lol. Cooking is an art on it's own, from deciding what you want to make, to gathering your ingredients and actually starting, to chopping your onions, boiling or frying your meat, the aroma of the food, the burst of flavor in your tongue... Hmm. I'm already salivating, I'm sure you get the picture, lol, now what am I driving at, I was going through this online store and found a gadget that holds the onions while you cut it, different gadgets for peeling and cutting garlic, just garlic, another for peeling and cutting potatoes. Now about the potatoes, I agree that has also been a life saver, cause a lot of people like fries but do not like to go through the stress of peeling those tiny things and then frying them.

    Growing up, having little things to do like peeling the garlic, ginger, potatoes etc while my mother cooked the food was the highlight of our cooking experiences. The advent of these gadgets of 'comfort' have rubbed a lot of kids of that experience and bonding time to be honest. But then, as long as the food is delicious no one will really care about the process, right? I just felt like pointing this out though. What do you think about this and what gadget has been your lifesaver?