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  • Have you ever surfed a website and found yourself jealous of a deal? Many things can improve the quality of your website. This article can show you pro web design tips. Continue on with this article to learn more.

    If you are designing a website, make sure the code you are writing has valid HTML + CSS. While most browsers may have a sense of code that is not valid, it may render correctly or incorrectly web development company. Valid code will be rendered the same way most of the time in modern browsers. You can check the validity of the HTML code with the HTML validator.

    Don't neglect cascading style sheets. Using a stylesheet makes it easy to give all pages of your site the same look and feel web development company. It also reduces the size of the pages file as the CSS file is accessed once on the server and then from the user's local cache.

    Do not count on too large page sizes. Some internet users have slow connections and will get impatient with your site. Don't waste your time or your own.

    White space is an important part of web development company, so don't be afraid to use it. Cluttering your web pages with too many images or too much text or using a distracting background will only irritate your visitor's web development. White space can make important page elements more visible.

    Always make an effort to customize the error page for your site; this page should contain a basic sitemap that connects users to the main sections of the site. This ensures that if visitors follow the wrong link or spell the url wrong, they will be able to find what they are looking for.

    For large websites, it's always best to add some good search capabilities. It is commonly found in the upper right corner of the screen as a blank bar that users can insert a search term or phrase into. Website search functionality is available on FreeFind and Google.