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5 Ways Virtual Care is Supporting Patients in Kelowna

  • The residents of Canada are finding it extremely challenging to maintain overall health and wellness due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In-person appointments will not be replaced by virtual consulting. But given the current situation, online consultations are the best alternative. 

    You can receive treatment for minor ailments through virtual consultations. You will get the treatment you need at the right time without leaving your home. However, an in-person consultation is mandatory for serious medical issues like heart disease. 

    Here are five ways in which Canadians stay safe and healthy by visiting a walk in clinic in Kelowna

    Supporting Good Mental Health

    There is a strong relationship between a healthy body and a healthy mind. Overall wellness and health require daily care. Health problems need to be identified at an early stage and for this, the right tools are needed. Mental health arises in most cases due to stress and loneliness, and this takes a toll on their physical health. 

    The qualified and experienced team of mental health specialists at the walk in clinic in Kelowna can provide the right mix of primary care and mental health support to help patients overcome their mental health issues. '

    Complicated cases that require long-term care can be handled through virtual consultations. This is possible through self-guided modules like cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. Psychiatry patients can get the timely medical attention they need through online treatment. 

    Increase Access to Quality Care

    A lot of time and money is spent on in-person consultations since the patient needs to travel long distances to see the doctor. Considerable time is also spent in the waiting room, and patients are exposed to various infections. 

    Accessing quality medical care is tough for people having problems with mobility or have chronic health issues. You can schedule an online appointment with your family doctor in Kelowna. Access to healthcare is made possible with Walk-In Virtual Clinics for most patients in Canada. 

    Putting the Patient First

    To be considered the best walk-in clinic in Kelowna, a facility must have a compassionate healthcare provider. You get personalized attention with a biopsychosocial assessment. There is also a treatment plan tailormade for you.  

    Reducing the Strain on Our Healthcare System

    With Walk In Virtual Clinics, minor ailments are treated online, and patients don't have to take a trip to a hospital or clinic. Patients don't need to spend time in the waiting room since they get their prescriptions online. Doctors and patients are much safer due to online consultations.  

    Providing Flexible Solutions for Employees

    Your employees get both physical and mental health support with customized care plans at a walk-in clinic in Kelowna. When employees feel secure with the timely treatment, you get higher productivity. 

    Virtual care has been a lifesaver for Canadians since travel to a hospital or clinic for routine health problems is no longer necessary. WalkInVirtualClinics can help you find a family doctor in Kelowna to address your medical issues. Book your virtual doctor appointment online in BC and enjoy a healthy life.