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Assessing the Effect of Divorce on the Victimization of Women T

  • One of the most important areas for the growth & development of crime & victimization is the separation of family & divorce. When the foundation of the family is shaken, the moral & social foundations of the whole social system are shaken and the society is led to various problems. This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of divorce on women's victimization in Tabriz. Applied research is of descriptive-survey type. The statistical population of the study consists of all divorced women in Tabriz. The sample size was used by Cochran's formula for unlimited communities. Due to the discretion of the professor, the number of divorced women for sample size was approximately 170 randomly selected by the researcher, information was collected. To obtain the research results, SPSS software and one-sample parametric T-test were used to analyze the data according to the normal distribution of data and the univariate of the test. Results of the T test indicate that all tests were significant and the test results showed that the individual, economic & social effects of divorce on women's victimization in Tabriz have an effect due to the positive T & the significance level of less than 0.05. It is positive. Results of this study show that the occurrence of divorce & its individual, social & economic criminological consequences has a very direct effect on women’s victimization,with the increase of divorce, the rate of crime increases & with the decrease of divorce, this rate decreases.