Masters in Germany for Indian students

Germany has become a popular destination for Indian students seeking higher education opportunities. With a wide range of courses and programs available, many students are now considering pursuing a Master’s degree in Germany. In this blog post, we will focus on three popular Master’s programs in Germany for Indian students: MBA, Industrial Engineering, and the […]

How might your benefit be affected if you take student finance?

Many of our students have a significant concern. If they start their Higher Education at the University with the support of student finance, their benefit will be affected. This is not entirely correct. Student finance is considered as a loan. Additional Grants: Parent learning allowances, adult dependant grants, and disability-related grants are considered your income […]

Tips on academic writing style

In order to achieve scientific excellence through scientific writing, you should strive for a descriptive, i.e. non-judgmental, writing style. Logic, comprehensibility of the statements and diversity of perspectives should also be given priority. Finally, make sure that you describe the individual sources to which you refer in a neutral manner and highlight relevant aspects for […]

The Value Of Self-Control

 The most important factor for success is self-discipline & self-control  If you want one word of advice from me, forget about self-esteem, and concentrate on self-control. The value of self-control is irrefutable. Self-control is the real deal. I was very gung-ho on studying self-esteem for a while and then I realized it’s not such an […]

Men And Their Hidden Emotions

To all the men, it’s okay to express your hidden emotions.        The major problem we have in the workplace, family, and relationships results from emotions we have hidden and failed to express.Men naturally love the facts and how quickly a discussion can get the bottom line. Women’s thoughts hinge on several levels, […]

Protect Your Environment

How healthy is your environment( your life)? Our environment has a colossal impact on our mental health and happiness. Healthy environments relieve stress, provide comfort and joy, and prevent loneliness and isolation. Our body is one of the most significant environments. Maintaining a healthy environment can have a powerful impact on our body and physical […]

11 Time management hacks for students

Everyone has the same 24 hours every day, but it appears some students are more productive than others because they master their time management hacks. In fact, it’s not common to hear students blaming colleges and institutions for being hard on them. Sometimes, they go as far as blaming their school for not giving them […]

Selected annual scholarships for PhD students from African countries

Some intending Post-doctoral and PhD students often share the philosophy that there are not many scholarship opportunities for them as Masters and Bachelors students. While this might be true somewhat, there are loads of opportunities for PhD students from Africa and other developing countries. While some are fully funded, others are partially funded or cater […]

WAEC, NECO and NABTEB: What you need to know about Nigerian Senior School Certificate Exams (SSCE)

Nigerian Senior School Certificate Examinations otherwise known as SSCE are examinations taken by students at the end of senior secondary school across the country. They are conducted by certain examination bodies approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Federal Ministry of Education. The certificates offered by these examination bodies are what eventually will […]

Requirements for studying MIS in Nigerian universities

Before gaining admission into any Nigerian universities, or indeed any learning institutions around the world, a candidate needs to meet specific requirements. These requirements are mostly academic, but sometimes there are personal qualities, too, that a student needs to demonstrate because they are instrumental to his/her success in college. In today’s article, I’d like to […]

5 Amazing exam preparation tips

If you’re a serious student, you can attest that exam preparation or period is indeed a stressful time that requires you to work harder to achieve good grades. Every student is expected to study and pass every course with flying colours. Get this; the secret of examination success lies in knowing the right preparation tips […]

7 Ways of coping with a bad roommate

Sharing space with a bad roommate is a disaster that many would like to do whatsoever it takes to prevent such from happening, or from having a repeat experience. Nevertheless, having a lousy roommate shouldn’t make anyone feel depressed. It shouldn’t lead to another detrimental effect on the well-being of an individual. Therefore, it is […]

Top ten websites that offer sample practice tests for TOEFL, IELTS and others

English Language Proficiency Test is used to measure English language proficiency of non-native speakers of English interested in migrating to (native) English-speaking countries for the purposes of study and work. There are organized bodies/organizations that administer these tests. They basically test speaking, listening, reading and writing levels of test takers. The test results are tendered […]

Top five English language proficiency test providers

English language non-native speakers interested in studying in countries where the native English is used for educational instructions require English language proficiency test. Most of the universities/colleges in native English language speaking countries—UK, US, Australia, etc. require English language proficiency test as part of their admission requirements. There are organized bodies/organizations that administer these tests. […]

How to remember what you learn

As a university student, you need to remember a lot of information that you learn to excel in your academic endeavour. In essence, given the enormous amount of academic tasks before you to accomplish, you need to employ various smart ways to get them done. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to retain new information. The lectures you […]

Top eight MOOC platforms to update your knowledge and skills

The excuses—financial limitations, time constraints, convenience, etc. —one can give for not updating and upgrading one’s knowledge and skills are vastly fading off with the emergence of online learning platforms popularly referred to as  Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). The MOOC platforms, though with different course coverage and approaches, are basically online platforms that provide […]

Why do most students fail?

Every year, millions of students enroll in Colleges and Universities, but only a handful of these students make it to the second year. Most students fail. While many factors are attributed to these mass failures, ranging from poor teachers and student’s lack of interest, there are other silent, important factors that led to the mass failure of […]

5 Ways to use critical thinking to improve the quality of your thesis

You might think that critical thinking – the application of clear thinking, use of logic, and objective reasoning in decision making – has no place in academic writing. But it does. According to a new research conducted by the Gallup on behalf of Phi Delta Kappa, an international association for professional educators, “critical thinking, creativity, communication, and other soft […]

10 Postgraduate school survival tips

The primary goal of a postgraduate school is to make their students expert in their chosen professional fields. Your graduate school is not only a unique experience, but it is also filled with stress due to deadlines, workload, grades along with other worldly matters. Due to this stress, your mental and physical health also suffers a great […]

How to write a great thesis statement

A thesis statement is the most important single line that represents the argument of any writer writing the thesis. Thesis statement for research papers is an important research plan any high school, college or university student need to follow. By understanding the basics of writing thesis statement outlines, a student can have ideas about his […]

8 Effective ways to be an A-student

You know those students. The A-grade ones that get the top marks, have impeccable attendance, and always seem to be one step ahead of everyone? Well, it turns out that even though they may have learning abilities different from everyone, there are certain habits and character traits that have helped them become outstanding achievers. Preparedness […]

Top seven websites for learning English

Studying English in the current age has gone beyond immersing oneself in grammar, vocabulary, and phonetics textbooks alone. Advancements in educational technologies have triggered a landmark development in the teaching of English Language. From a personal experience, reading textbooks of English grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, etc. can only make one be theoretically sound in the use […]

Tips for getting better grades in exams

Every serious minded student feels dejected and frustrated with consistent poor grades in exams. Nevertheless, frustration or dejection is just a mere emotional reaction which cannot stop failure; it only causes what I call “multiple failures”—that is, continuous failure. When you fail as a student, the reasonable thing to do is to appraise or reevaluate yourself. […]

5 Basic steps to writing an undergraduate academic research project

Writing a research thesis is one of the basic requirements in completing an undergraduate degree. Usually, it is the first experience undergraduate students have in academic writing/research. Because it requires a lot of efforts and includes some technicalities, many students get scared and look out for unethical ways of getting their research projects. Academic writing […]

Medical Laboratory Science vs Science Laboratory Technology in Nigerian Universities

We find this article on the difference of Medical Laboratory Science and Science Laboratory Technology very informative, and would undoubtedly be very useful for students, especially Nigerian students, who are planning to take up a career in medical and health-related fields. Read on: Difference Between Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) and Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) By Amina […]