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What is Reflowable and Fixed-Layout ePub Conversion


Authors and publishers use different formats for different eBooks depending upon the target audience for which the eBook is being published and the type of devices that the eBook will support. One such format which is popular amongst the authors and the publishers is Fixed-layout ePub conversion. The format is used by most of the authors and the publishers as eBooks created and published in this format can not be altered or changed by the reader.


The Fixed layout ePub format is mostly used by authors and publishers to create eBooks that are required to have a specific layout and consistent pagination. Such a requirement often comes when the professionals have to create and publish a book that relies majorly on large illustrations, design elements, and images. Besides this, there are several other reasons why the Fixed layout ePub format is the prime choice for the authors and publishers and one of them is that the format helps the professionals create eBooks that are a lot more attractive and have engaging content as compared to the standard format. Know more -