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20 pro tips for better business email writing

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As employees of our company, every time we send an e-mail, we send much more than the message it contains: we transmit a corporate image. For this reason, it is advisable to consider a series of good practices that will help to take care of external communication (and internal communication, when the e-mails are between employees of the company itself).

20 great practices to use in your emails:

  1. The subject line

Be clear and descriptive when choosing the subject heading: it will help the recipient appreciate what is being sent and find the message if they have to consult it later. If you are going to ask them for a contact of their essay writer free online, make an appointment, or send a commercial proposal, do not forget to indicate it in a topic.

  1. The treatment

Choose the proper form of address for each recipient. There is no reason, for example, to address someone as "you" in a letter.

  1. The greeting

The salutation is followed by a comma. Keep that in mind while writing your email. However, if you are writing an email in a language other than English, pay attention to their rules of business correspondence. Languages like Spanish, for example, end the greeting with a colon.

  1. After the greeting, it is appropriate to continue writing in a separate line.

For example:

"Dear Josh,

As we agreed in our telephone conversation..."

  1. Keep it short

The unwritten rule (like so many) is that a message should be no longer than 3 paragraphs. If the reason for the email needs to be longer, we should send an attachment or plan a meeting.

  1. Don't send hieroglyphics

Let's avoid the other person having to decipher our messages. Being concise does not mean writing in code. Don't overuse acronyms, abbreviations, icons, etc.

  1. Take care with spelling

Writing with spelling mistakes damages our professional image and that of the company and makes it difficult for the recipient to read and understand the message. If spelling is not our forte, we should at least use the spell checker.

Ask yourself whether it is justified to copy other people. The variety of negative consequences of this (bad) habit should make us think three times before hitting "CC."

  1. Give orders politely

When giving an order, the correct thing to do is not to use the impersonal style (to do so is disrespectful). You should address directly and exclusively the person to whom the order is addressed. It is impolite to use expressions such as "Customers should be informed..." or use the plural instead of the singular when the request is addressed to only one person.

  1. Beware of capital letters

On the Internet, writing with capital letters only is tantamount to shouting (and shouting is never justified).

  1. Structure the content

If we deal with several topics in a single message, we should list them to facilitate reading and the receiver's response to the various points.

  1. If you send attachments, give a warning

Have you ever missed an attached document? Well, that's just it. It does not cost anything to clarify that you are sending information in one or more attached documents.

  1. Be polite

Regardless of whether you are addressing a colleague, a friend, a client, a superior, or a subordinate, being polite is crucial.

  1. Never send a message "in the heat of the moment."

Actions like these will only show you as a rude person. The next day you will be glad you let it sleep.

  1. The farewell

As in greeting, use a comma after your farewell phrase in English correspondence.

  1. Let's check our messages before sending them

We all lead busy lives, but taking a few seconds to check what we have written before sending the message will help us to improve it (for sure). It can save us time afterward (writing a new message clarifying questions to the recipient), and the recipient will thank us for it (even if they do not verbalize it).

  1. Messages in copy can detonate a bombshell

Ask yourself whether it is justified to copy other people. The range of negative consequences of this (bad) habit should make us think three times before hitting "CC."

  1. The signature should include the necessary contact details

In addition to the name, let's add the essential data so that the receiver of the message can identify us, contact us and not have to look for a previous letter to find our telephone number.

  1. Unify the corporate image of the companies

In some companies, each employee uses a different logo variant, a type of font, etc. The same customer sees different corporate images of the company.

  1. Avoid using the company account for personal matters.

It costs nothing (literally) to open a personal account, and it will also save you from any misunderstandings.

  1. Better to respond briefly to a message than to say nothing in reply.

Sometimes you have the feeling that you are obliged to reply to messages ipso facto (when, generally, this is not the case). But it is one thing to take the necessary or adequate time, and quite another not to reply on the pretext that we are too busy.

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