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The Most Incredible Poker Stories


In this article, I will tell the most incredible and surprising stories related to one of the most popular money games in the world - poker. Poker is cursed and admired. Online and offline poker tournaments gather millions of fans around the globe at the gaming tables.

Of course, they do, because you can win a fortune in one night of play! I personally know people who have managed to win over $10,000 in just 8 hours, as well as flush the whole $30,000 down the toilet.

Well, we can talk about poker for a long time and with enthusiasm. Maybe in another article, I will tell more about it. Well, for now, here are the most incredible and surprising stories that have happened to poker players at different times. If you are interested in gambling, I suggest you try wildtornado pokies and feel all the benefits of online casinos.

Story 1 (Robert Fallon).

This story took place back in 1858, when a very good poker player, Robert Fallon, was shot and killed by his losing opponent. The killer claimed that Robert was a cheat and could only win $600 from him by cheating.

When the seat at the table where Fallon was sitting was vacated, his winnings were still lying nearby, but none of the players wanted to take the "unhappy seat." But according to the rules of the time, the game had to be continued, and the players, having consulted each other, decided to take a random person into the game. He went outside and soon returned with a young man who happened to be passing by.

The new player was seated at the table (in that still warm seat) and handed $600 (Fallon's winnings) as the initial bet. When the police arrived on the scene afterward, they discovered that the killers were playing poker with gusto, and with a clear advantage, the newcomer was winning against them. Who in this short time managed to "make" out of $ 600 - 2500!

Figuring out the situation and arresting the main suspects in the murder of Robert Fallon, the police ordered to give the 600 dollars won by the deceased to his closest relative, who ended up being...our lucky young player, who had not seen his father, Robert Fallon for more than 7 years!

Story two (long poker duel)

1949. Las Vegas. Horseshoe Casino. Famous poker player Benny Binnion came up with the idea and organized just such an incredible bet!

Under his terms, players had to play poker as long as one of them did not lose all his money. The bet was public. Anyone could take part in it by paying a fee of $10,000.

Strangely enough, it did not take long for the participants to respond.

The first to respond to the invitation was the "King of Players," - Nicolas Andreas Dandolos (Nick "The Greek"). He earned this nickname because he could win and lose astronomical amounts of money. Nick cared more about the process than the result.

His rival was Johnny Moss, who was also the stuff of legends. According to one of them, if Moss came to a city to participate in a poker tournament, all the other players left the city in a hurry.

Moss was a professional with a capital letter and amazing intuition. He flew to the game completely unrested, right after another game that lasted four days.  

Hearing about the famous poker betting participants, the other players simply did not risk playing. However, that didn't stop them from arriving at the Horseshoe Casino and betting money on the poker gurus.

The poker marathon was gaining more and more momentum with each new day. Players took turns raising the stakes and winning all sorts of amounts from each other. Interesting fact: Nick the Greek managed to win a pot of half a million dollars without even looking at his cards during one of the games.

The game lasted a full five months (with only breaks for sleep) and ended with Johnny Moss winning. Johnny beat his opponent by more than $2 million.

It is known that when the climax came, Nicholas smiled and said: "Well, Mr. Moss, I think it's time I let you go!"

The phrase became a proverbial phrase and made Nick the Greek even more famous. You have to lose dignity, too. And Nicholas was great at it.

Well, after this game, Johnny Moss became the unofficial best poker player.

Story three (death during a poker game)

In his book The Godfather of Poker, Doyle Brunson recalls a very unusual incident that happened during a poker tournament.

It was a long game. That night the players smoked an incredible amount of cigars and drank even more alcohol. The bartender kept bringing out more and more liquor.

And at one point, one of the players simply dropped dead on the gaming table.  

Remarkably, the other players were not affected. They shared the chips of the deceased player and continued to play.

The police were called by the bartender when he brought another round of alcohol about fifteen minutes later. The corpse was taken away, and another man quietly sat in the dead man's place. The game continued.

Story Four (the inimitable Dan Bilzerian)

Dan Bilzerian's personality needs no introduction. Multimillionaire, playboy, Hollywood actor, lover of high-speed luxury yachts, supercars, a passionate admirer of beautiful women, and, of course, poker, he is one of the brightest representatives of the modern poker scene.

Ironically, Dan hasn't won a single major poker tournament and hates tournaments. But at the same time, it somehow mysteriously turned into a real poker star and regularly confirmed its "star" status by loud adventures. On the Internet, you can find a lot of pictures of Bilzerian's beautiful life: in the company of women, saber-toothed tigers, drinks, watches, weapons, etc.

Dan has won over $50 million in home games with millionaires and show business stars. He has starred in movies: "The Fall of Olympus," "Survivor," "The Other Woman," and "The Great Equalizer."

Story Five (Dead Man's Hand)

To conclude, another very interesting story from the life of a tough kid, James Butler Hickock.

James was born in 1837 into a family of Illinois farmers. As fate would have it, his father's farm was one of the staging posts on the secret slave route to the North and was often attacked by Southerners.

The Hickock family had to defend itself, so from a young age, James was introduced to weapons. Daily practice with a revolver made him a first-rate marksman.

Over time, James came to realize that a gun gives birth to power. And he liked power a lot. As a boy, Hickock Jr. used to beat up neighborhood boys, often maiming them, for which he earned the nickname "Furious" and later "Wild Bill. Even killing a man was a piece of cake for him.

Now you understand what a tough temper James had. Needless to say, he was fiercely attracted to women, booze, and card games. So it's no wonder he got hooked on poker.

James had accomplished a lot in his life. He served in the army, and was elected sheriff and even marshal. He managed to have children with several women, win a fortune, marry a widow, and leave his beloved. In general, he played around as much as he could!

But the most interesting thing in his biography was the entertaining fact about his death.

On August 2, 1876, Wild Bill was sitting at a table in a saloon in Deadwood, playing poker out of habit. But this time, he broke his own rules and made one single unforgivable mistake. He sat down with his back to the exit.

Drunk as a skunk, Jack McCall suddenly rose from behind the bar, walked up behind Hickock, and shot him in the back of the head. Death came instantly.

At that time, Bill was holding two eights and two aces, a combination of cards that have since been called "Dead man's hand" in poker.

At the trial, McCall claimed that Hickock had allegedly killed his brother years before. So he did exactly the same thing to him. An eye for an eye! That's what Hamurabi always did, they say.

Surprisingly, the court believed him. In fact, though, locals said McCall had lost big time to Hickock. But the latter took pity on the loser and gave him some money to buy his own food. Such an act infuriated Jack. It was, in his opinion, insulting and humiliating. That's why he shot James.

In general, the moral of this story is: "Even a show of nobility in poker is sometimes fatal.

However, a retrial, taking place in a different territory, found McCaul guilty and sentenced him to death.


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