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Classifieds » Technology » How to Detect a Cell Phone Tracker

How to Detect a Cell Phone Tracker


If you've been unable to get your phone out of the hands of the person you suspect of having a cell phone tracker, you're not alone. There are many ways to detect this type of spyware. These techniques are described in the following paragraphs. The first step is to download an app called Tracker Detect. If you can’t install this app, you can go to and find another handful of apps.  This app will help you locate devices on your phone and play a sound when it finds them. Then, you should take further steps to ensure that your device is free of malicious software.

Another way to detect a cell phone tracker is to use a utility called netmonitor. This software will allow you to track a person's location through utility data. The code will vary depending on your phone's operating system. If you know the IMEI, you can take legal action against an illegal phone tracker. IMEI data can also be used to locate a lost phone.

Another way to detect a cell phone tracker is to check your phone's settings. Most tracking apps will allow you to set privacy restrictions for the app, but you should ensure that the settings are set to "strictly," restricting the information they have access to. You may also want to turn off notifications for specific applications. To do so, you must make sure you are using a popular operating system.

If you suspect a spy app is tracking your phone, it may be using massive data. To test this, turn off Wi-Fi or cellular data and see if your data usage has changed significantly. If there's a sudden increase in data usage, your phone may track you. If this is the case, you should check the settings on your phone and get rid of any suspicious apps.

Another method to detect a cell phone tracker is to check your phone's location history. Most cell phones have GPS capabilities, which allow them to track your location. However, some of these applications have malicious intentions and may be able to track your movements if they want to. These apps can also use a cell site simulator to trick you into connecting to a fictitious network tower. You may not even be aware that a third party is tracking you.

Another method is to install the eyeZy app, which is installed discreetly on the target device. This app operates in stealth mode and relays information to your subscription account. The app will track incoming calls, and your online activity and log every keystroke on the target device. EyeZy even has geofencing capabilities, which alert you when the target phone owner enters or leaves a particular zone on a map.


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