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Setting your child up by keeping them out the school system?

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    November 19, 2018 5:12 PM GMT

    I have met many families on my travels who are "homeschooling" their children and entering them into the educational system later in age. Seeing as they are travelling, making new friends etc. I can see that there aren't any problems with socialisation. However, I do wonder if they will lack the discipline and the ability to sit still in a classroom all day.

    Do you feel that this would become an issue? What age would be the best age to introduce them to the school system is choosing a lifestyle of travel? Do you see any other problems?

    * This question is asked assuming that the child has a curriculum to follow and the parents are taking the time to teach the child the necessary educational needs as per the schooling in their home country states.

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    August 16, 2019 3:53 PM BST

    Very interesting question, Kathy.

    I believe homeschooling can be an interesting experience for kids, especially under the condition you mentioned when parents and kids are on the move. That circumstance will sure complement the socialization they are going to miss.

    However,  homeschooling while parents and kids are stationed in one place in my opinion will be a boring idea. Kids will lack social skills and the necessary physical abilities the require. A greater percentage of what students learn at school do so from interaction  with their peers.

    With regard the appropriate age limit for homeschooling,  I believe, the earlier to enrollment them in a proper school system the better.

    This is what I suggest, anyway.