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How to register or sign up for Penprofile

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    November 19, 2018
    Penprofile is an online platform that facilitates academic networking and sharing of educational ideas and resources. Import to note is that Penprofile is free for everyone to sign up. However, students, scholars, educational institutions (schools and companies) and professionals dealing with training and research-related organizations will find its resources more relevant. In a few simple steps, we will show you how to sign up for the website.

    1. First thing to do is to head to Whether on a desktop computer or a small mobile device, the website is easily accessible; it’s designed with a responsive theme to make adaptable and smooth on all devices.

    2. Once you’re on the landing (main) page, you will see a pop-up box for login. This is what an existing member will use to login. Below it, there’s a wide blue button that says, ‘New to Penprofile? Sign up.’ That’s where you go next – click and you will be taken to a sign up page (form) where you will input your details to register. (See the screenshots below for example.)

    3. On the signing up form, here are the details you will input:

    1. EMAIL ADDRESS: You need to have an email address to sign up because you may be sent a message to verify your email. This is important to avoid spam membership. Penprofile would like to ensure that all its members are genuine.

    2. PASSWORD: Select and input a unique password that cannot be easily figured out by any malicious personal or Internet artificial intelligence. A good suggestion for a password is to ensure it includes letters (capital and small), numbers and special characters like #, *, %, &, etc. There are two provided spaces to write your password. Make sure what you put in the first is what you repeat in the second otherwise it will have an error. Also, if your password is rejected, it’s possible you don’t use an acceptable character. So, try one or two more times.

    3. PROFILE TYPE: Because the kind of profile information a person will provide is likely to be different from that of an organisation, we created two profile types. So, use the drop-down button to select the one that applies to you.

    4. TIME ZONE: Select your time zone. It is essential to allow the website default clock to display your local time.

    5. LANGUAGE: To give a broader audience the benefit of Penprofile, we have installed nine major international languages, and as we grow, we will install more. So, make your language choice, and you’re good to go.

    6. HUMAN VERIFICATION: This is also part of our measure to ensure Internet robots do not sign up for our website to disrupt members activities. So, you're required to indicate that you’re genuinely human not a robot by ticking the space provided.

    7. TERMS OF SERVICE: It is import all our members to know exactly what we do, what information we collect from them and agree to all the terms of our engagements. It is therefore highly important to click the blue link to read our terms and conditions. When you’re satisfied, then you can tick the small box to continue.

    8. CONTINUE: After you agreed with our terms, click the blue button to continue your registration to the next page.

    4. On the next page, you will enter the following information:


    2. LAST NAME

    3. GENDER


    5. FROM: This is referring to your country (nationality).

    6. ABOUT ME: This is where you write something briefly about yourself. Try to make it professionally appealing because this is what gives other members and visitors an impression of you and your expertise.

    7. CITY: This is where you currently live.

    8. HOBBIES: Say something you’re passionate about or would like to do on a casual basis.

    9. SAVE: Click save button to continue to the next page, which is the last stage of your registration.

    5. The last stage will take you to a page where you will upload your profile photo. This final stage is required, so you cannot skip it. Use a good photo of you (at least 360 x 360 pixel) that represent you professionally. Once the photo finished uploading a ‘SAVE’ button will appear. Click the button, and you’re done!

    6. You will now be on your member home page. (See screenshot below).

    We hope you will find these steps easy to follow and sign up for Penprofile. If for any reason you face difficulties that you cannot solve after some attempts, please send us a message through the ‘Contact’ page. You will not be able to write on this forum; only members can. We look forward to seeing you on board.

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