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How to optimize your Penprofile account

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    November 19, 2018
    Penprofile is an academic social network that facilitates virtual interactions among scholars, students and educational organizations; it allows users to build relevant connections, share their work publicly, and have access to the work of others.

    Penprofile allows users to:

    • Manage relevant professional contacts

    • Connect and look for jobs and scholarship opportunities

    • Establish professional and career identity

    To access Penprofile and its numerous features, the first important step to take is signup on the platform and set up a personal profile. You can check the following post on how to sign up.

    As the platform is getting more expanded and engaging, users interested in flowing with the tide and getting optimum benefits the platform offers must first of all version out a unique, complete, and up-to-date profile. A properly optimized profile ensures you are easily visible, connect with the users in your areas of interest, share your work with the right users and get access to resourceful opportunities from people within your area of specialization.

    This piece guides through the basic steps to take to optimize your profile:

    Use your professional name as profile name, not an alias

    Penprofile is for scholars, students and educational organizations; it’s advisable to use your original name (or recognized pen-name). Doing that will make it easy for people who already know you outside Penprofile to recognize you and vice versa.

    Use a professional profile picture

    Profile picture presents the first window through which other users get to meet you virtually. The kind of pictures you use greatly affects other users’ impressions about you—right before even reading through your profile. Remember, first impression lasts longer! Either you are a scholar, a student or an educational institution, let your profile picture adequately represent you.

    Customize your background cover

    There is a large rectangular background behind the profile picture. You are advised to design a simple rectangular image that creatively presents you, what you do, and the kind of opportunities you are looking for.

    Upload relevant photos on your profile

    Make sure to upload pictures to showcase your expertise. You can also post relevant professional photos of quotes that you cherish or photos that will show your previous professional engagements.

    Put your real contact information

    Do not make it difficult for people to contact you. Put your real contacts; email addresses and phone numbers.

    Put a detailed, accurate and up-to-date personal information on the ‘about me’ section

    Your ‘about me’ section should include detailed but concise information about who you are, your area of specialization, where you work, and your professional goals. For organizations, make sure you clearly state the kind of business you do, for example, ‘we specialize in the business of … etc.

    Put your social media links, personal and institutional websites

    Put your social media links, personal and institutional websites and ensure that the links point to the right pages. These links are other sources where people get to know more about you and your works.

    All the above areas discussed are just the basic things or information that you need to provide to give a good impression of your profile, and they are the ones you complete during first sign up.

    There is a rage of other subheadings depending on who you are which you need to complete, and you can do that gradually while using the website. Some of these fields include:

    • Work place information

    • Educational qualifications

    • Certifications

    • Publications

    • Conferences

    • Professional organizations you belong to

    • Scholarships and awards

    As it was said earlier, you can choose to update your profile gradually as you explore the site.

    See a typical profile view below:

(200 symbols max)

(256 symbols max)