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Exploring the group feature for scholars and students

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    November 19, 2018
    Penprofile is an academic network that fosters global interactions among academics and students with a view to enhancing enormous growth and development of knowledge. It is open to everyone—scholars, students, teachers, and educational organisations.

    Penprofile, amongst its other numerous key features, allows users to create and join relevant groups to meet and connect with pertinent other users, discuss related topics, promote businesses, share opportunities and grow together.

    To know how to create a group, read our forum article titled: “How organisations can utilise the group feature on Penprofile.”

    Registered users can create and be members of a group without being a friend of other group members. Penprofile groups are mediums for discussions and engagements. Members initiate topics after which conversations and debates ensue, share relevant information, ask questions and provide answers, and so on.

    This piece discusses how the group can function as a great learning management system platform for educators, scholars, researchers and students.

    How the group facilitates teaching and learning

    Penprofile group feature can serve as a great tool for promoting teaching, learning, and knowledge sharing among teachers, scholars, students, researchers, and so on.

    How teachers can use the group to facilitate teaching

    Teachers can create a group for their course and encourage students to join. It is a viable platform for teachers to answer questions and post relevant articles for students to aid their understanding of the course. Teachers can also introduce new topics to be taught in the class so that students can research on them before class and have ideas about new topics beforehand. This makes teaching and learning more accessible, interactive and enjoyable for teachers and students.

    Apart from facilitating interactions, course materials exchange between teachers and students, the platform also functions as a useful platform where teachers can get (mid-semester) feedback from their students.

    How students can use the group to facilitate learning

    The group allows users to share messages, articles, and pictures with one another. Thus, it is an effective academic group discussion platform where students can easily communicate with one another. Students can use the medium to ask questions, provide answers to questions asked by fellow group members, discuss class topics, exchange articles, help one another, inform class members in the group about lecture times, venues, and so on.

    More so, students pursuing specific goals, e.g. looking for admissions, internships, non-degree programs, scholarship opportunities, etc. can also create a group for this purpose and invite like-minded people (colleagues and scholars) who also have similar goals to discuss and share resourceful information about their pursuits.

    How scholars can use the group to facilitate research projects

    Scholars and researchers can equally make use of the group for easy collaboration and effective communication. For instance, researchers can use the group feature for peer feedback purpose where the researchers can concurrently communicate about their research projects and seamlessly work on reviewing their works for better productivity.

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