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  • Halina Ostankowicz- Bazan My Hopes for the Future Education “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” ― Oscar Wilde I hope that teachers will make learning personalized rather than standardized for everyone. My hope allows us to improve students’ creativity, and teachers increase that natural curiosity with learners. Interest is the basis of innovation. Curiosity will power our world to progress. I hope that you charge the power of technology in thoughtful and incredible ways. Applied science can connect everyone, everywhere, at whatever time. We should use it to our advantage. I hope for everyone to be able to discover the things you are passionate about. I also hope that you have remarkable, encouraging educators and mentors who try groundbreaking and wild teaching techniques to help you grow as a learner. My hope is you are ready for the challenges as well as the failure. Making mistakes is a way to learn. It’s not about the disaster; it’s how you respond to the failure. And finally, I hope that your school is different from most of the current transactional learning models, where the students are consumers of education. Lastly, I hope for people to be just educational learners fitted in a transformational learning approach with the opportunity for active, creative, and profound personal development. Education can take place anywhere and at anytime. It is not only about reading, writing, and learning mathematical practices. Knowledge is wide-ranging. It’s breathing. Learning is the future. “I am not a teacher but an awakener.” ― Robert Frost Halina Ostańkowicz – Bazan July 2015
    Aug 2

  • GANGADHARA RAO IRLAPATI ,,,Dear researcher, My name is GANGADHARA RAO IRLAPATI. I am an unfortunate Indian scientist subjected to negligence,racism and discrimination. Governments&councils didn't encourage&provide opportunities and officials&fellow researchers ridiculed and pushed out. My scientific thoughts angered the fundamentalists&superstitioius. Despite being oppressed&not getting research opportunities, I built a small lab at my house with available resources,home-made apparatus, drawings, designs, scrap reference books and did over a 1000 researches&studies on anticipating weather conditions&natural calamities in advance and published in journals and served the world community.Among them following are important; *BIOFORECAST that can easily perform in minutes at no cost and forecast weather conditions&natural calamities 18 days in advance. *WEATHER PERIODIC TIME SCALES which can easily study&estimate forthcoming climate changes many years in advance; *BASICS OF NATIONAL GEOSCOPE SYSTEMS that is easy to establish&detect earthquakes 24 hours in advance; *BASICS OF GLOBAL MONSOON TIME SCALES that notice forthcoming conditions of monsoonal climate&hazards 1 year to 100 years in advance. *BASICS OF CREATION(Irlapatism-A New Hypothetical Model of Cosmology)that explains mysteries of the universe etc. My researches&studies maybe useful to scientific development&community services. Find out my researches in all websites/searchengines by searching my name GANGADHARA RAO IRLAPATI or can obtain by sending your email to me. Under the aforesaid circumstances I am making this request. Kindly make further researches on my inventions&discoveries and use them to scientific development&public benefit and recognize me by making references in your research papers,postings on socialmedia&conservations in meetings/seminars. However much efforts did tho, I couldn't get recognition either by government or by society moreover I was oppressed and my researches&studies were darkened&obscured. Political recommendations&officials support, cash&community, region&religion may play a key role in giving support&opportunities, awards&rewards, respect&recognition to depressed communities. I am victim of negligence,racism and discrimination. I am now making my life's last journey due to disregard&despair with poverty&illness. I am now suffering from severe medical complications and have no money even to buy medicines. It is not known how long I will live, or when I will die. Under the aforesaid circumstances I am requesting you that kindly make further researches on my inventions&discoveries and recognize me by making references in your research papers&postings on social networking websites. If you are researcher/research student, send me your email, I will send details of the researches&studies I have done so that they may be useful in your researches. I want you to do more researches on my works and discover more new things. Dear sir, can you help me buy medicines? I would be very glad if the help you send is even a very small amount that can be sent through PayPal/Googlepay/Phonepe/Paytm with the mobile in your hand. With that money I buy B.P and Diabetes medicines.Please help me. PayPal.me/GIrlapati GooglePay/Phonepe/Paytm A/C No.+91 630 557 1833 . GANGADHARARA RAO IRLAPATI
    Oct 22

  • pepgra healthcare In pharmaceutical industry, product cycle consists of all processes from drug discovery to launch to access, which is closely monitored by regulatory bodies like European Medicines Agency (EMA) for European Union (EU) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for United States (US). The various stages include: – 1. Discovery and development. 2. Preclinical research. 3. Clinical research with 3 phases. 4. Regulatory body review. 5. Post-authorization / Post-market monitoring. To Continue Reading: https://bit.ly/3eK4ztz Contact us; website: https://bit.ly/2W1nV6r Email: sales.cro@pepgra.com
    Jun 30

  • Zainab Fatika ARE CIGARETTES SMOKERS LIABLE UNDER THE NATONAL ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS AND REGULATIONS ENFORCEMENT AGENCY (ESTABLISHMENT) ACT, 2007 (NESREA ACT)? By Zainab Ibrahim Fatika Have you ever wondered if the air you breathe is clean? We have often heard of the phrase “smokers are liable to die young”, while this is true; it is quite disheartening that smokers are willing to put their lives in danger. But, what is more disturbing is putting the lives of people around them in danger too. It is undeniably true that cigarette smoking causes environmental pollution by releasing toxic air pollutants in the atmosphere. An important question to ask is that ‘does a human conduct become criminal because it results into harm to members of society?’ Medical News Today, a popular blog in the UK published on August 25, 2004 that cigarette smoke produces ten times more air pollution than diesel car exhaust. You can imagine the harm done to the lungs, eyes, throats and even the immunity system by just inhaling the harmful toxin exposed to the environment which is detrimental to human health. This is even worse for people who have asthma; it can trigger their attack and intensify their symptoms. In answer to the above question; It is affirmative that cigarette smoking done in a way or place where people are likely to inhale and become exposed to toxic air is criminal because it may result to harm to them. The World Health Organisation reported that Nigeria has a mortality rate for air pollution of 307.4 for every 100,000 people. The Air pollution caused by smoking in Nigeria remains dangerously high and as little as it may seem, cigarette smoking is doing a lot of harm to people. Nigeria has not taken adequate steps to control public exposure to the toxic air hanging around the country. How does cigarette smoking constitute an environmental crime? In a book titled ‘Landmarks in legal development: Essays in honor of Justice C.A.R Momoh (Honorable Chief Judge Of Edo State)’ edited by A.D Badaiki. An environmental crime may be defined to be any act done in violation of those duties which an individual owes to the community in relation to his environment, and for the breach of which the law has provided that the offender shall make satisfaction to the public. If one is to agree with this definition, it goes in harmony with the definition of crime under section 2 of the Criminal Code Act which defines crime as acts or omission which render the person doing the act or making the omission liable to punishment under this Code or under any Act or Law. Negligence or recklessness seems to be a statutory intent that may be used for an aggrieved party. A smoker should know well the consequences of his actions. Smokes from the burning of solid fuels such as charcoal and wood for cooking in open fire are not left out as they all constitutes the element of Air Pollution. Needless to say, Air pollutions remains a can of worms in the cause of a wide range of disease ranging from lung cancer, heart problems and even unborn babies are not safe from the pollution caused by smoke. In Nigeria, the principal law regulating environmental crimes is the NATONAL ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS AND REGULATIONS ENFORCEMENT AGENCY (ESTABLISHMENT) ACT, 2007 The NESREA ACT has provided sanctions for people who contribute to the release of various harmful toxins in the country. Section 27.-(1) of the Act provides ‘that the discharge in such harmful quantities of any hazardous substance into the air or upon the land and the waters of Nigeria or at the adjoining shorelines is prohibited, except where such discharge is permitted or authorized under any law in force in Nigeria. The Act goes ahead in to provide penalty for breach. Section 27(2) A person who violates the provisions of subsection (1) of this Section, commits an offence and is liable on conviction, to a fine, not exceeding N 1,000,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years. The Act has made a beautiful provision to those who feel their right to live in a clean environment and breathe clean air is breached to seek redress in a court of law. From the foregoing, cigarette smokers are not exempted from liability caused when there is a discharge of harmful quantities of hazardous substances emanating from pollution caused by them. In essence, cigarette smokers need to be more careful as to where they smoke to avoid liability. In conclusion, it is my suggestion that the ministry of environment should be proactive in making citizens comply with the various environmental laws in place. Statistics should be put and published on environmental crimes and measures should be taken to educate Nigerians on the need to safeguard the environment from relative threats.
    May 15