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Five unique benefits of using AR and VR services in eLearning

Five unique benefits of using AR and VR services in eLearning
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One of the biggest challenges in eLearning is the lack of engagement. Due to this reason, many eLearning companies suffer low enrollment counts. After multiple research, the experts have found that using immersive and interactive elements is one of the best methods to increase engagement in eLearning. So, many eLearning companies nowadays want to use multiple AR and VR elements in their courses. And for this reason, they regularly take the help of professional Augmented and vr learning solutions. But, have you ever wondered, what are the other benefits of using AR and VR technology in eLearning?  

Yes, you read it right! AR and VR services have multiple benefits apart from increasing engagement. In this blog, we will look at some of the unique benefits that AR and VR technology can offer.

1. Focus on experiential learning

Using AR and VR elements, the online course curators can develop highly immersive courses. These courses create practical scenarios of real life problems. The learners can then solve these problems themselves using their own ideas and knowledge. Thus, immersive technology helps to shift the focus from theoretical eLearning to experiential and practical-based eLearning. 

2. Increasing enrolment and completion rates

As we all know, AR and VR services make online courses interesting. But, have you ever calculated it’s consequences? Well, let me tell you that the direct consequences are immensely increased business conversion. Wonder why? Let’s see.

  • Many times, the learners enroll into the courses but leave them in the middle. It is because they do not find it interesting. But, the courses using AR and VR elements are interesting enough. As a result, the learners get encouraged to complete the course.
  • When the completion rate increases, the courses get higher SEO rankings. Also, the learners prefer to join the courses with higher completion ratio. As a result, the enrollment rate of the courses increases. Hence, the courses become more popular. It leads to an enhanced learner base and good amount of business conversion. 
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3. Encouraging learners to share their ideas

The immersive elements like AR based games and quizzes help the instructors to understand the learner’s ideas. As the learners respond to the games and quizzes, they get a platform to apply their knowledge. Hence, the instructors can assess their understanding easily.  

4. Create technical scenarios

For a long time, lack of efficiency in online technical education was a common complaint. But, AR and VR technology can easily solve these issues. Now-a-days, virtual reality service providers generate accurate virtual labs for online learning. These virtual labs can be integrated into the eLearning courses. When integrated, they create life-like technical scenarios during the virtual classes. It helps to make the courses interesting and comprehensive. 

5. Increase web visibility

Ensuring good visibility on the web is necessary for better enrolment rate. The immersive elements increase the popularity of the courses. The increasing popularity impacts the SEO rankings of the courses. With an increased ranking, the visibility of the courses on the web will improve. As a result, more learners will be able to discover the courses. 

To sum up

The AR and VR services can have immense benefits for eLearning companies. They increase the course popularity, completion ratio, enrolment percentage, and hence, SEO rankings. But their efficient use is necessary. Inappropriate use of AR and VR services can be equally harmful. So, the eLearning companies must choose professional Augmented and Virtual Reality Service Providers only. This is what brings them to Acadecraft! At Acadecraft, you get tailor-made AR and VR services for all your eLearning needs.

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