Masters in Germany for Indian students

Germany has become a popular destination for Indian students seeking higher education opportunities. With a wide range of courses and programs available, many students are now considering pursuing a Master’s degree in Germany. In this blog post, we will focus on three popular Master’s programs in Germany for Indian students: MBA, Industrial Engineering, and the […]

The power of essay writing services: How they’re changing the landscape of academia

Essay writing services have revolutionized the academic industry in recent years. These services provide students with a convenient and reliable option for completing their assignments and essays. However, the rise of these services has also brought controversy and skepticism. In this article, we will explore the power of essay writing services, their impact on academia, […]

Best places to visit in France

A French holiday is the best experience travelers can experience in their lifetime. France is a destination with so much to offer to the individuals. It is a country filled with so many things to explore. A huge number of people visit it every year to have the best vacation. Is it now your chance […]

Importance of good content for a plastic surgery website

A reliable provider of content writing services can help plastic surgeon produce high-quality content that will increase brand recognition and attract targeted traffic. For a successful plastic surgery practice, surgeons need more than excellent surgical skill. They need to be visible when patients search for plastic surgery procedures using specific keywords. This in turn depends […]

5 Tips to success in online course classes

Many students may feel overwhelmed by the sudden switch to online instruction. Online course classes have become inevitable. There are many challenges to learning from home. Here are some strategies and tips that USF Instructional Technology faculty members Sanghoon, PhD and James Hatten, Ph.D. recommend to help you make the transition to online education. Start […]

Marketing SEO Checklist

Being a marketing (and maybe business) all-rounder, SEO checklist or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is only one of the list items of things that “need doing” according to a marketing point of view. It is, nonetheless, a region which I view as hard to “stay aware of.” Innovation is testing. Indeed, I suspect as much […]

Writing a good essay on history

First, we should ask ourselves: what makes a good essay on history? Probably no two people will agree completely, if for no other reason than that quality is in the eye of the reader – and reflects his or her intellectual home. The following, therefore, ignores philosophical issues and instead offers practical advice on writing […]

5 Ways no code business intelligence is making a change in your business

Business intelligence (BI) is a cornerstone of company growth and success. Through BI, organizations can make better decisions by providing present and historical data relevant to their business. However, implementing BI takes significant skill, time, and resources unless you do it with little to no code. No code or low code development is an approach […]

How might your benefit be affected if you take student finance?

Many of our students have a significant concern. If they start their Higher Education at the University with the support of student finance, their benefit will be affected. This is not entirely correct. Student finance is considered as a loan. Additional Grants: Parent learning allowances, adult dependant grants, and disability-related grants are considered your income […]

Tips on academic writing style

In order to achieve scientific excellence through scientific writing, you should strive for a descriptive, i.e. non-judgmental, writing style. Logic, comprehensibility of the statements and diversity of perspectives should also be given priority. Finally, make sure that you describe the individual sources to which you refer in a neutral manner and highlight relevant aspects for […]

Digital accessibility companies: Why they are important

Businesses often consider that accessibility is vital for social responsibility, and undoubtedly it is. Now organizations, start-ups, and enterprises have started realizing implementing digital accessibility standard that undoubtedly is an unseen opportunity to expand their business and stands ahead of the curve. Digital accessibility indicates building digital technologies like products, services, or devices accessible by […]

Travel Health Tips During COVID-19

Many individuals will be on the road this holiday season to celebrate Christmas, New Year’s, and other joyous occasions. Keeping an eye out for symptoms of COVID-19, getting vaccinated as soon as it is your turn, and always adhering to public health and social measures to help prevent transmission are all crucial in light of […]

Kant’s critique of judgement

Judgment has two functions therefore: determining and reflecting. Determining involves finding the right ‘universal’, that is concept or word for the situation at hand. Thus this function covers the choice of rule or aesthetic, that is, the metric of measurement. Reflective judgment is particularly relevant to the related activities of aesthetic choice and purposeful behaviour. […]

Why is rapid elearning development more important than ever before?

The ripple effect of globalization and the unprecedented technological and digital advancement have changed the complexion of many realms. It has opened the floodgate of opportunity to decrease training cost, revamp the productivity at the workplace, and practical and faster delivery of content to delight numerous learners across the length and breadth of the globe. […]

7 Social media tips in boosting your web development and design

According to HootSuite (2021), there are approximately 4.2 billion active social media users. Relatively, Kubbco (2021) named the following as this generation’s most popular social media platforms: YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook ascendingly. These reasons are what make social media platforms the go-to sites for any businesses’ marketing strategy. They help a brand build […]

Tips for startup app developers

More and more web and mobile applications emerge in today’s digital era, introducing a plethora of possibilities for both app business owners and users alike. This year, there are already over five million apps available on Apple’s AppStore and Google Play alone. On top of this, mobile apps are also projected to generate over $930 […]

3 Must-know reasons for companies to invest in the best online tutoring services

The post-pandemic era has seen a boom in the tutoring services market. With the realization of indulging course-specific tutors for learners’ needs, parents find online tutoring convincing. The best online tutoring services cater to the condition of learners and ensure better communication. The value of the tutoring service market was at USD 5.61 billion in 2020, but […]

3 Strategies to develop effective distance learning services

Education sector has seen a drastic change in recent years. Learners and instructors have switched from brick and mortar classes to virtual learning classrooms. Moreover, learners globally can access quality courses from distance learning services. Distance learning allows the learners to take up their degrees and diplomas from their comfort zone. Moreover, with distance education, learners […]

5 Compelling reasons to invest in scenario learning solutions

The digital world is evolving on a rapid scale. With more and more learners switching to the internet for course materials, the demand for online courses is also rising. Scenario learning solutions are replacing tedious lectures and presentations. Scenario-based learning utilizes the graphics, simulated, and problem based virtual solutions learners going through the course. It focuses on […]

Why distance learning services is a better option for learners

The internet has blurred the line between near and far. Distance elearning services have made learning possible from the comfort of homes. Distance education is not a supplement to learning but a different platform that allows learners to learn remotely. It has opened up possibilities for other age groups to begin or continue their education. Many institutions […]

The Value Of Self-Control

 The most important factor for success is self-discipline & self-control  If you want one word of advice from me, forget about self-esteem, and concentrate on self-control. The value of self-control is irrefutable. Self-control is the real deal. I was very gung-ho on studying self-esteem for a while and then I realized it’s not such an […]

Gamification services: A boon to students

E learning gamification companies are what teachers look for nowadays. Though developing games for students isn’t too challenging, it isn’t effortless. So, teachers look for companies that can aid them in creating games according to their lessons. Gamification even helps the Ignorant! One of my friends, Elle, is a teacher in high school. She had no […]

Men And Their Hidden Emotions

To all the men, it’s okay to express your hidden emotions.        The major problem we have in the workplace, family, and relationships results from emotions we have hidden and failed to express.Men naturally love the facts and how quickly a discussion can get the bottom line. Women’s thoughts hinge on several levels, […]

Protect Your Environment

How healthy is your environment( your life)? Our environment has a colossal impact on our mental health and happiness. Healthy environments relieve stress, provide comfort and joy, and prevent loneliness and isolation. Our body is one of the most significant environments. Maintaining a healthy environment can have a powerful impact on our body and physical […]

Oakley prescription sunglasses

Drink anywhere between eight and ten full glasses of water as the day goes on. Water can help flush the toxins out of your system, which is beneficial for keeping your eyes healthy and moist. In addition, drinks that are high in sugar and alcohol can dehydrate your body and cause excess inflammation. Take care […]

Meditation thoughts

We have to learn to hold on to our personal convictions, especially our moral peculiarity and upbringing. I find it ridiculous the extent to which people are willing to go to get validation from people who don’t even count. Take media depiction of love, affection and relationships for example, if your ‘relationship’ does not involve […]

Language and Conscious thinking

Language is a very fascinating subject, extensive and equally sophisticated.According to Henri Delacroix, ‘The individual’s whole experience is built upon the plan of his language’. Language is seen by most as a communication system, and the differences in language patterns go a long way in explaining the differences in opinions, experiences and thought processes. The […]

Cloud computing: An insight into its various concepts

Today’s computing software and hardware infrastructure users are all in for the cloud. Cloud computing has become so popular these days because of its unique features, cost effectiveness and on-demand nature. Now app developers, different computer applications owners, organization IT departments are all rushing and transferring their applications or even building new ones on the […]

Influence of the internet on children

In the past twenty years, internet usage has increased rapidly amongst children. More than two-thirds of eight-year old’s go online every day, according to study by the nonprofit Joan Ganz Cooney Center. Because of this, I’d like to talk about the influence of the internet on children, the advantages, disadvantages, how to keep your children protected, and […]

School resumption: Updates, risks and safety measures for parents and their wards

Effect of the COVID-19 virus on education  Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19 from China, it has been affecting the world economy and financial institutions. A couple of weeks after the outbreak, Covid-19 started affecting the educational systems worldwide. It led to the partial or total closure of colleges, universities, and schools. This didn’t exclude […]

Effective interventions to prevent and mitigate the rate of suicide in Nigeria

Having discussed extensively on the factors that cause and or aggravate the issue of suicide in Nigeria, all of the previous explanations about suicide will be less meaningful and useful if we do not make practical recommendations to cleanse the society of this pandemic mental disease. This article addresses interventions that help to mitigate the root factors […]

Travel Management System: A Case Study of Seera Travels (Formerly known as Al-Tayyar Travels)

This paper was originally a college project carried out by Anwar Hameed, Esraa Adam, Ashwaq Mohmed and Rahmatu Lawan in fulfillment of the requirements for a Business Communication course at Yanbu University College, Saudi Arabia Summary The project talked about travel management systems, Seera Travel Company as a case study. The work is introduced by discussing […]

Spiritual and religious practices and their healing ingredients

As discussed in the previous article, healing ingredients explain those dimensions of the practices that can be related to the empirical therapeutic process, therefore are considered to be factually effective and functional in improving the human state of wellbeing. We will be discussing: prayer, counselling, preaching, fasting, sacrifice, prescriptions. Many psychotherapy clients find it a great relief […]

Religion and psychology: Why mental health professionals must not ignore religiosity for effective practice

Introduction Therapy is simply defined as a treatment that helps restore a state of well-being and improves functioning of an individual. Traditional approach to healing involves employing non-empirical and or anecdotal means which are based on customs and rites passed down to our generation from our ancestors. The healing technique could be derived from religion, […]

Some interventions to prevent psycho-social problems and suicide in society

The psycho-social problems are those problems that represent the influence of psychological factors and the surrounding social environment on individuals’ physical and mental wellness and their ability to function. This approach is used in a broad range of helping professions in health and social care settings as well as by medical and social science researchers […]

11 Time management hacks for students

Everyone has the same 24 hours every day, but it appears some students are more productive than others because they master their time management hacks. In fact, it’s not common to hear students blaming colleges and institutions for being hard on them. Sometimes, they go as far as blaming their school for not giving them […]

Rough Diamonds: Chapter One

Torn trousers, worn-out shoes, undersized, dirty T-shirts, uncombed hair and a generally unkempt appearance. These introduce them before they even speak or extend their arms for alms. But Mukhtar Sadiq wants the world to know that he is different. ‘I speak English,’ he said, ‘speak English to me.’ He is 12, in JSS2 and places […]

An insight into suicide according to diathesis-stress models

The biopsychosocial model is currently the foremost comprehensive and influential approach to explaining psychological disorders, especially as it applies to the Nigeria context. Having explained suicide from a cognitive perspective, behavioural perspective, biological perspective, now let’s look at it from another popular perspective because none of these previous perspectives is enough to profoundly explain the causes of […]

Selected annual scholarships for PhD students from African countries

Some intending Post-doctoral and PhD students often share the philosophy that there are not many scholarship opportunities for them as Masters and Bachelors students. While this might be true somewhat, there are loads of opportunities for PhD students from Africa and other developing countries. While some are fully funded, others are partially funded or cater […]

Understanding suicide from cognitive behavioural and strain theory perspective

Cognitive behavioural explanation Learned helplessness There has been a shift from behavioural to cognitive behavioural explanations of the emotional disorders. This may be exemplified by the changes made to Seligman’s (1975) learned helplessness theory over time. Seligman’s initial theory suggested that depression results from learning that one is not in control of a particular physical or social […]

Biological, psychodynamic, socio-cultural and behavioural approaches to understanding the causes of suicide in Nigeria

Introduction This paper explores related literature (theories) and discusses suicide employing biological, psychodynamic and behavioural perspectives relevant  to the understanding of the underlying causes and course of the subject matter – suicide. Suicide, as discussed in the previous write up, is a critical condition that needs special attention; to enable effective intervention, there is need for […]

Scope and prevalence of suicide in Nigeria from a psychological perspective

Abstract The rate of suicide in Nigeria is alarming. There is comorbidity between suicide, personality disorders, depression and addiction. Suicide is common among young adults and adolescents. This write up explores the meaning of suicide, factors influencing it, it’s scope, types and other relevant information that provide insight into the pandemic phenomenon. In subsequent write-ups, […]

Here is why you need to detox

Have you ever been to the hospital because you didn’t feel quite good, but after several tests, nothing seemed to be wrong with you? Perhaps it was a headache? Perhaps fatigue? Sometimes when you feel tired or sick, it doesn’t always mean that you need medicine. Perhaps what you need is detoxification. When you consume […]

IT infrastructure: A brief overview

Information technology infrastructure or IT infrastructure as it is widely known is a necessity for modern business be it small, medium or large. Traditionally, whenever one hears infrastructure, the first thing that comes to mind is some sort of physical structures that includes large buildings like roads, railroads, fancy government building and the likes. But […]

A comparative analysis of qualitative and quantitative research papers in second language education

IntroductionThe aim of this paper is to critically review and compare two research papers in the field of language education that adopted different methodological approaches – quantitative and qualitative. My analysis focuses on their key objectives, the methodology employed to achieve those objectives, the research scope within which the papers are located and the evidence […]

What your personality type says about your vulnerability to substance abuse

Abstract Through an examination of some relevant personality theories, this article will discuss the relationship between personality and substance use, that is, exploring some personality traits as predispositinal factors to substance abuse. Introduction Our attitudes, choices, likes, decisions and all other aspects of our behaviours and mental constructs largely depend on individuals’ personality. In fact, […]

Reasons why Information Systems should be integrated into every business

Is it any wonder that in today’s world knowledge of computers/technologies is becoming so invaluable? It is evidently clear that almost all businesses are either having a dot com address, meaning are having a website of their own, or they are enjoying/relying on some sort of e-services provided by some companies – Example, UPS third-party billing – […]

Stereotypes: Two sides of the coin

Stereotypes. They are everywhere. They cut across colour, race, gender, economic status, educational background. Everything. More often than not, they are the first things we know before we even discover who we are. Stereotypes are the identities that other people give to us and that we bequeath to others; that wrap themselves around us like […]

The dearth of investigative journalism in Nigeria: An analysis

When we think of ‘investigative journalism’, more often than not, we picture an over-zealous, stubborn journalist who ducks behind trees and hedges to dig up the unsavoury details of intricate plots that can topple governments. Yet is investigative journalism always so glamorous? More importantly, does investigative journalism in any form still existent in Nigeria? Don’t […]

An image of Northern Nigeria’s marital and gender-based controversies: A survey of Abubakar Gimba’s Sacred Apples

Being a paper presented at the 13th International Conference on Ethnic Nationalities, Cultural Memory and the Challenges of Nationhood in 21st Century Literature, held at The University Auditorium, IBB University, Lapai, from 30th August to 2nd September 2016. Abstract Gender issues in Nigerian literature (and beyond) have for long been the protagonistic thematic-preoccupation prevalent among male and female writers. […]

Tips for parents: Raising a self-confident child

Self-Confidence simply means the belief in oneself. It has to do with how an individual sees himself/herself. Usually, what makes or mars self-confidence has to do with individual’s experiences—both past and present. Self-Confidence is very important because it’s the skeleton/the frame upon which the outward countenance of an individual is built. A self-confident person will […]

Exploring possibilities in academia: A discussion paper on professional development

I was invited recently by a group of young Nigerian entrepreneurs to give a talk on professional development, I supposed, aimed at providing a guide for bright minds in their adventure and search for opportunities after graduation. I’d like to thank Maryam Abdullahi, the convener and founder of the discussion group (Personal Development Fridays) for […]