5 Ways no code business intelligence is making a change in your business

Business intelligence (BI) is a cornerstone of company growth and success. Through BI, organizations can make better decisions by providing present and historical data relevant to their business. However, implementing BI takes significant skill, time, and resources unless you do it with little to no code. No code or low code development is an approach […]

Travel Management System: A Case Study of Seera Travels (Formerly known as Al-Tayyar Travels)

This paper was originally a college project carried out by Anwar Hameed, Esraa Adam, Ashwaq Mohmed and Rahmatu Lawan in fulfillment of the requirements for a Business Communication course at Yanbu University College, Saudi Arabia Summary The project talked about travel management systems, Seera Travel Company as a case study. The work is introduced by discussing […]

Reasons why Information Systems should be integrated into every business

Is it any wonder that in today’s world knowledge of computers/technologies is becoming so invaluable? It is evidently clear that almost all businesses are either having a dot com address, meaning are having a website of their own, or they are enjoying/relying on some sort of e-services provided by some companies – Example, UPS third-party billing – […]

A discourse on zakaat, sadaqah and income tax 1

Zakaat, Sadaaqah and Income Tax are all forms of financial obligations demanded from the citizens of a country or people generally either by a government/social institution, religious institution or out of philanthropy. Though they have many similarities, these three concepts have outlined differences. Albeit, as the world advances and globalisation sets in, new perceptions have […]

How to get started as an entrepreneur

The last few decades has seen an increase in the rate at which people start their own businesses. This may be due to unfavourable employment opportunities in various countries, but more often than not, people are starting businesses to create something that the society needs. The most common question that budding entrepreneurs have, is how […]