Exploring possibilities in academia: A discussion paper on professional development

I was invited recently by a group of young Nigerian entrepreneurs to give a talk on professional development, I supposed, aimed at providing a guide for bright minds in their adventure and search for opportunities after graduation. I’d like to thank Maryam Abdullahi, the convener and founder of the discussion group (Personal Development Fridays) for […]

6 key reasons you are not getting the best from your employees

Many employers usually use a unidirectional approach in addressing the unpleasant and low-level performances of their employees. They believe only the employees are to be blamed for the drop in their performance levels. However, professional observations over time have proven that this is not always the case: low-level performance of employees can be traced to two […]

Top 10 Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools for professional translators

To a certain extent, the statement “Every translator is a traitor” may have some semblance of truth as the translated version of a book may not represent the exact content in the original text. However, translation is very important as it bridges linguistic gaps across cultures. It universalizes and unifies. It makes available to people what could […]

Top ten resourceful websites for journalists

Journalism, like every other profession, evolves with technology. Technology has greatly transformed journalistic practices—reporting styles, reporting gadgets, news platforms, and so on. Hence, journalists who want to remain relevant and active must regularly and consistently learn new practices and incorporate such new practices into their works. In this article, I examine some important web resources […]

Boosting your employability chances

Employment opportunities are scarce/limited, but not non-existent. Gone are the days when your school results/certificates are what employers (strictly) use to recruit employees. Nowadays, you need more than certificates to get your desired jobs; you need technical and applied skills, self-marketing skills, communication skills, etc. In this piece, I examine some necessary steps job applicants […]

What you should know about recruitment

Recruitment, in this context, is a process through which companies/organizations, government, etc. enlist human resources needed to function in various capacities to advance their goals. Encarta dictionary defines recruitment simply as the process through which companies/organizations enrol somebody as a worker or member. (Microsoft® Encarta® 2009) In recent times, particularly in the underdeveloped and developing countries […]

5 insignificant things you need to remove from your resume ASAP

I know how tempting it is to pad your resume with every accomplishment, every job experience, and every little detail about you that’s worth mentioning. Apart from making you seem like an experienced person, this is a reflection of how attached you’re to your personal and professional history, which is understandable. It seems logical to tell prospective […]

How to get started as an entrepreneur

The last few decades has seen an increase in the rate at which people start their own businesses. This may be due to unfavourable employment opportunities in various countries, but more often than not, people are starting businesses to create something that the society needs. The most common question that budding entrepreneurs have, is how […]