Language and Conscious thinking

Language is a very fascinating subject, extensive and equally sophisticated.According to Henri Delacroix, ‘The individual’s whole experience is built upon the plan of his language’. Language is seen by most as a communication system, and the differences in language patterns go a long way in explaining the differences in opinions, experiences and thought processes. The […]

School resumption: Updates, risks and safety measures for parents and their wards

Effect of the COVID-19 virus on education  Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19 from China, it has been affecting the world economy and financial institutions. A couple of weeks after the outbreak, Covid-19 started affecting the educational systems worldwide. It led to the partial or total closure of colleges, universities, and schools. This didn’t exclude […]

Stereotypes: Two sides of the coin

Stereotypes. They are everywhere. They cut across colour, race, gender, economic status, educational background. Everything. More often than not, they are the first things we know before we even discover who we are. Stereotypes are the identities that other people give to us and that we bequeath to others; that wrap themselves around us like […]

The dearth of investigative journalism in Nigeria: An analysis

When we think of ‘investigative journalism’, more often than not, we picture an over-zealous, stubborn journalist who ducks behind trees and hedges to dig up the unsavoury details of intricate plots that can topple governments. Yet is investigative journalism always so glamorous? More importantly, does investigative journalism in any form still existent in Nigeria? Don’t […]

College degree and globalization

It’s quite evident that in recent times the value of a college degree has been decreasing. Multi-national companies such as Google have been known to hire people without any college background whatsoever. With the world turning towards globalization, skillsets required to attain a job have become quite specific. So is it worth getting a college […]

Will computers make teachers obsolete?

Teaching has long been seen as a noble profession as teachers are responsible for educating the population. But the role of teachers in the educational system is increasingly being threatened by the day. Technology enthusiasts are claiming that in some years to come, there won’t be a need for teachers as computer-based learning would replace […]

How to be a successful writer

A writer is simply referred to an individual, who writes, regardless of whether it is a book, an article, a blog, or any form of a literary art. Writers are people who find inspiration from the slightest of things. What could be boring and basic to us, could be as unique and magical as a […]

Urban sprawl: Is that really important?

Sprawl; Is urbanization that takes place in either a radial direction around a well-established city or linearly along the highways over a given period of time. Urbanization; is the process by which large numbers of people become permanently concentrated in relatively small areas, forming cities. Internal rural to urban migration means that people move from rural areas […]

Naming in Yoruba culture

“What is in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name shall smell as well”—William Shakespeare The above quote by the renowned English poet/playwright, William Shakespeare, underplays the significance of names. It sees the relationship between a name and its referent as arbitrary and inconsequential. At its best interpretation, the quote […]

Effects of cheating in schools

As the habit of cheating fills our schools these days, our next question will be, what are its consequences? It definitely has short time and longtime effects on the lives of those involved, the educational system and the the society at large. Cheating in schools can systematically lead to the collapse of quality education. It […]

Pre-independence and post-independence Nigerian education

One issue that students of education are often asked to debate is the systematic difference between pre-independence and post-independence Nigerian education. Scholars’ opinion varies as to whether a fundamental distinction exists between the two systems. Despite having been transformed (formally) in practice, the post-independence Nigerian education appears to be much similar in principle with that […]