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NABTEB examination: Everything you need to know

NABTEB examination Everything you need to know

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NABTEB, standing for the National Business and Technical Examination Board, was founded in 1992 to administer examinations on business and technical fields. It paves a way for those unconventional students who wish to lead a more vocational path and ensures that they have a systematic certification to show for it. The NABTEB examination was created to test students skills and knowledge in various business and technical fields. The examination is offered for various levels which include the Ordinary Level (O’ level) and Advanced Level (A’ level).

The NABTEB O’ Level certificate is equivalent to secondary school leaving certificates such as the WAEC and NECO. It is made for students who have completed their secondary school education and wish to either pursue further education in tertiary institutions or jump right into the workforce.

NABTEB A’ Level however, is aimed at those students who have already passed their O’ levels and wish to specialize even further in their chosen fields. NABTEB A’ Level is equivalent to the first year of university education or a diploma as it can be used to secure direct entry into the second year of a degree program in Nigerian universities. It should be noted however that NABTEB A’ Level is no longer being accepted by JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board) for direct entry into Nigerian universities.

NABTEB certificates

After passing a NABTEB examination, the following awards can be obtained:

National Business Certificate (NBC): This certificate is awarded to students who have completed their business education and passed the NABTEB examination in business-related subjects. This certificate exam is meant to test both practical skills and theoretical knowledge when it comes to business studies Some subjects offered for the NBC include but are not limited to Accounting, Marketing, Commerce, and Business Management. Career opportunities that could be exploited with a NBC qualification can comprise of entry-level positions in office administration, accounting, sales, and any other business related role.

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National Technical Certificate (NTC): This certificate is awarded to students who have completed some technical education programs and have passed their NABTEB examination in technical subjects. The NTC encapsulates a wide array of technical trades such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Installation, Building Construction, and Automobile Engineering. The NTC offers a wide range of career opportunities mainly pertaining to various technical roles in different sectors or even a base to start a self ran business.

Advanced National Business Certificate (ANBC): This certificate can only be attained by those who have the NBC certificate. It is an A’ Level certification meant for those who wish to deepen in their business education. The exams are far more meticulous with a focus on deep theoretical and practical knowledge in the business field. In terms of career opportunities, the ANBC offers the same field of opportunity that a NBC certificate offers but with a greater value added and a higher likelihood of employment.

Advanced National Technical Certificate (ANTC): This certificate is obtained only by those who already have a NTC certificate. This certificate is also an A’ Level certification. It is meant for those students who want to step further into educating themselves and having a better specialization in the technical fields. The subjects offered for these exams are the same as the NTC but at a higher level. The certification is also ideal to those wanting better positions in a technical career field.

Modular Trade Certificate (MTC): This certificate was made for students who would prefer a modular approach to learning, which focuses on a particular modules within a trade. The examination structure ensures that each module for a specific trade has its own way of assessment. The MTC certificate allows for a very niche pick even within the job market as it focuses on very specific skills.

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How to obtain a NABTEB certificate

In order to be eligible for the NABTEB examination, it is required for the candidate to have already completed their secondary school education. Other specific programs within NABTEB examination may require some additional qualifications, so make sure to check on the NABTEB website to ensure you meet those requirements.

How to register for the NABTEB examination

  1. Visit the NABTEB Official Website to obtain a registration form. You can also check your nearest internet cafe for the NABTEB registration form.
  2. Fill out the form. Make sure all your personal details are accurate on the form. Failure to do so can lead to major issues along the line.
  3. Payment of fees. Pay the required amount to the proper authorities as indicated. The Centre Inspection fee is ₦50,000. The Centre Re-Inspection fee is ₦20,000. The Contractor Registration Form fee is ₦500. The fees above are subject to change so always double check on the NABTEB website.
  4. Make sure to Submit the completed form as well as your payment receipt to an authorized NABTEB registration center.

Is NABTEB accepted by JAMB?

Yes, NABTEB O’ Level is accepted by JAMB for admission into Nigerian universities. This means that any student with a NABTEB O’ Level certificate can apply as well as gain admission into a Nigerian university of their choosing. In order to apply for JAMB using your NABTEB result, provide your NABTEB O’ Level certificate when registering for the JAMB exam. Note that you should ensure that your result meets the admission requirements for your chosen university.

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Can NABTEB be used abroad?

Yes, NABTEB can be used abroad. NABTEB certificates are recognized internationally, making them valuable to anyone seeking to further their education or career abroad. Countries like the UK, Canada, and even the US recognize NABTEB. Even though NABTEB is accepted abroad, it is not accepted by all institutions. So in order to definitively find out, check with the specific university you are applying to.

The NABTEB examination is an important asset to the Nigerian education system as it provides valuable certifications that can serve as an alternative to the more traditional WAEC and NECO. It is unique in the sense that it facilitates a career path as well as the more common educational path. It is recognized by all Nigerian universities as well as many abroad, opening doors to numerous opportunities. Whether you’re looking to further your education or take a step in your career, a NABTEB certificate will be a valuable asset to have.

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