Digital accessibility companies: Why they are important

Businesses often consider that accessibility is vital for social responsibility, and undoubtedly it is. Now organizations, start-ups, and enterprises have started realizing implementing digital accessibility standard that undoubtedly is an unseen opportunity to expand their business and stands ahead of the curve. Digital accessibility indicates building digital technologies like products, services, or devices accessible by […]

Why is rapid elearning development more important than ever before?

The ripple effect of globalization and the unprecedented technological and digital advancement have changed the complexion of many realms. It has opened the floodgate of opportunity to decrease training cost, revamp the productivity at the workplace, and practical and faster delivery of content to delight numerous learners across the length and breadth of the globe. […]

3 Strategies to develop effective distance learning services

Education sector has seen a drastic change in recent years. Learners and instructors have switched from brick and mortar classes to virtual learning classrooms. Moreover, learners globally can access quality courses from distance learning services. Distance learning allows the learners to take up their degrees and diplomas from their comfort zone. Moreover, with distance education, learners […]

5 Compelling reasons to invest in scenario learning solutions

The digital world is evolving on a rapid scale. With more and more learners switching to the internet for course materials, the demand for online courses is also rising. Scenario learning solutions are replacing tedious lectures and presentations. Scenario-based learning utilizes the graphics, simulated, and problem based virtual solutions learners going through the course. It focuses on […]

Why distance learning services is a better option for learners

The internet has blurred the line between near and far. Distance elearning services have made learning possible from the comfort of homes. Distance education is not a supplement to learning but a different platform that allows learners to learn remotely. It has opened up possibilities for other age groups to begin or continue their education. Many institutions […]

Quality teacher education: A major panacea for students’ poor performance

It is not hearsay that the educational sector plays a vital role in national development. A society populated by enlightened individuals is subject to rapid positive economic progress and transformation; this is achieved when these enlightened individuals apply the skills they learned in school. As you probably know, the acquisition of these skills is facilitated […]

Will computers make teachers obsolete?

Teaching has long been seen as a noble profession as teachers are responsible for educating the population. But the role of teachers in the educational system is increasingly being threatened by the day. Technology enthusiasts are claiming that in some years to come, there won’t be a need for teachers as computer-based learning would replace […]

5 Top reasons to consider e-learning now

E-learning, also known as electronic learning, is a method of education used for web-based distance education, where there is no face-to-face interaction. The growth of the Internet has brought with it disruptions in the traditional educational system that is characterised by classroom teaching-learning model. Today, one can be at home taking educational courses they wouldn’t […]

Eight amazing apps to learn new languages

Being multilingual comes with innumerable benefits. Multilingualism helps the development of cognitive skills such as logic and reasoning (for effective problem-solving), creativity, auditory and visual skills, memory, etc. Moreover, with multilingual skills, the chances of accessing/getting job opportunities, business deals, and international opportunities are very high. For every language you speak, you feel a sense […]

Top technology tools for teachers 2

Note: You can read the first part of this article here. Zaption Zaption is an education tool for making video lessons. What differentiates Zaption from ordinary videos is that it gives teachers the room to insert features such as captions/subtitles, questions, etc. that will make students more engaged and actively involved while watching the videos. Zaption […]

The role of information technology in education: Part 2

Read the first part here. The dialectics of information technology: Some lessons and references The development if IT, drawing reference from my personal experiences and research studies, has benefitted education in no small way. With more powerful modeling software and applications along with mobile devices such as tablet, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and laptops becoming more […]

Kids, learning, and the digital age

Television was the most advanced technology in the past that was openly accessible to the kids. Today, children are growing up in a rapidly changing digital age characterised with proliferation of tablets, smart phones, video games, and so on. Whether at home or in schools, there is availability of a variety of technologies for the […]

Learning and teaching online

There are numerous definitions of online learning in the literature, definitions that reflect the diversity of practice and associated technologies. Carliner (1999) defines online learning as educational material that is presented on a computer. Khan (1997) defines online instruction as an innovative approach to delivering instruction to a remote audience, using the Web as the […]