7 Social media tips in boosting your web development and design

According to HootSuite (2021), there are approximately 4.2 billion active social media users. Relatively, Kubbco (2021) named the following as this generation’s most popular social media platforms: YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook ascendingly. These reasons are what make social media platforms the go-to sites for any businesses’ marketing strategy. They help a brand build […]

Tips for startup app developers

More and more web and mobile applications emerge in today’s digital era, introducing a plethora of possibilities for both app business owners and users alike. This year, there are already over five million apps available on Apple’s AppStore and Google Play alone. On top of this, mobile apps are also projected to generate over $930 […]

IT infrastructure: A brief overview

Information technology infrastructure or IT infrastructure as it is widely known is a necessity for modern business be it small, medium or large. Traditionally, whenever one hears infrastructure, the first thing that comes to mind is some sort of physical structures that includes large buildings like roads, railroads, fancy government building and the likes. But […]

10 things you might want to delete from your social media profile for security reasons

Social media technology is, unarguably, one of the most powerful 21st-century innovations. It has made the world a global village. It connects people from different parts of the world thereby creating rooms for wider (human) interactions and opportunities. According to Statista, a statistics portal, it is estimated that in 2019 there will be around 2.77 […]

Sirenomelia: A rare genetic development syndrome

Sirenomelia is commonly known as mermaid syndrome. Sirenomelia is a very rare genetic, developmental syndrome. It is basically characterized by disorder of lower spine and the lower limbs. Legs are partially or completely fused together in the affected newborn. Moreover, this syndrome also followed the abnormalities of the genitourinary and gastrointestinal system. Additionally, lumbar sacral […]

The effects of steroid on the body: Receptors and transcriptional activity overview

Steroid hormones control the process of growth and development and other physiological response in different types of cells and tissues. This control process of steroid hormone follows the steroid hormone receptor attraction mechanism, which activates the different types of genes at transcription and post-transcription process (Lodish et al., 2000). There are almost 48 steroid hormone […]

Foreign compound in the body

Xenobiotics Xenobiotics refers to a foreign compound in the body, these compounds could be in the liquid, solid or gaseous form. The study of xenobiotics has become very important because of the problems, as well as possible benefits associated with it. Xenobiotics can be exogenous or endogenous. Exogenous xenobiotics These forms of xenobiotics are not […]

Basic biochemistry on carbohydrates

Carbohydrates is a biological molecule consisting of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atom, with a hydrogen: oxygen atom ratio of 2:1 (as in water) and an empirical formula of Cm(H2O)n. Carbohydrates can be viewed as hydrates of carbon, hence their name. Structurally however, it is more accurate to view them as polyhydroxy aldehydes and ketones. Historically […]

The prevalence of tartar

Tartar or Calculus is a form of hardened dental plague. It is caused by precipitation of minerals from saliva and gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) in plague on the teeth. This process of precipitation kills the bacterial cells within dental plague, but the rough and hardened surface that is formed provides an ideal surface for further […]

A brief review on biochemistry

What is biochemistry? Biochemistry is the study of structure, composition, constituents, and chemical reactions of substances found in living systems. Biochemistry governs all living organisms and living processes, it is the science in which chemistry is applied to the study of living organisms or it is the chemical study of atoms and molecules which comprise […]

The wonders of the lifestraw

Water is essential for survival and a necessary item in every emergency supply kit.You can survive longer without food than you can without water. Water is a transparent and nearly colorless chemical substance that is the main constituent of Earth’s streams, lakes and oceans, and the fluid of most living organism. Water has been shown […]

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

A geographic information systems (GIS) is a computer system for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions on Earth’s surface. GIS can show many different kinds of data on one map. This enables people to easily see, analyze, and understand patterns and relationships. With GIS technology, people can compare the locations of different […]

Enzymes, their compositions and functions

Enzymes are biological catalysts; they increase the rate of metabolic reactions; almost all biological reactions involve Enzymes. Enzymes are a class of proteins which catalyze all types of bio-chemical reaction, such as digestion, respiration, muscular contraction and metabolism. All enzymes are Globular Proteins with a specific tertiary shape; they are usually specific to only one […]