Masters in Germany for Indian students

Germany has become a popular destination for Indian students seeking higher education opportunities. With a wide range of courses and programs available, many students are now considering pursuing a Master’s degree in Germany. In this blog post, we will focus on three popular Master’s programs in Germany for Indian students: MBA, Industrial Engineering, and the […]

The power of essay writing services: How they’re changing the landscape of academia

Essay writing services have revolutionized the academic industry in recent years. These services provide students with a convenient and reliable option for completing their assignments and essays. However, the rise of these services has also brought controversy and skepticism. In this article, we will explore the power of essay writing services, their impact on academia, […]

5 Tips to success in online course classes

Many students may feel overwhelmed by the sudden switch to online instruction. Online course classes have become inevitable. There are many challenges to learning from home. Here are some strategies and tips that USF Instructional Technology faculty members Sanghoon, PhD and James Hatten, Ph.D. recommend to help you make the transition to online education. Start […]

Writing a good essay on history

First, we should ask ourselves: what makes a good essay on history? Probably no two people will agree completely, if for no other reason than that quality is in the eye of the reader – and reflects his or her intellectual home. The following, therefore, ignores philosophical issues and instead offers practical advice on writing […]

How might your benefit be affected if you take student finance?

Many of our students have a significant concern. If they start their Higher Education at the University with the support of student finance, their benefit will be affected. This is not entirely correct. Student finance is considered as a loan. Additional Grants: Parent learning allowances, adult dependant grants, and disability-related grants are considered your income […]

3 Must-know reasons for companies to invest in the best online tutoring services

The post-pandemic era has seen a boom in the tutoring services market. With the realization of indulging course-specific tutors for learners’ needs, parents find online tutoring convincing. The best online tutoring services cater to the condition of learners and ensure better communication. The value of the tutoring service market was at USD 5.61 billion in 2020, but […]

Why distance learning services is a better option for learners

The internet has blurred the line between near and far. Distance elearning services have made learning possible from the comfort of homes. Distance education is not a supplement to learning but a different platform that allows learners to learn remotely. It has opened up possibilities for other age groups to begin or continue their education. Many institutions […]

Gamification services: A boon to students

E learning gamification companies are what teachers look for nowadays. Though developing games for students isn’t too challenging, it isn’t effortless. So, teachers look for companies that can aid them in creating games according to their lessons. Gamification even helps the Ignorant! One of my friends, Elle, is a teacher in high school. She had no […]

Influence of the internet on children

In the past twenty years, internet usage has increased rapidly amongst children. More than two-thirds of eight-year old’s go online every day, according to study by the nonprofit Joan Ganz Cooney Center. Because of this, I’d like to talk about the influence of the internet on children, the advantages, disadvantages, how to keep your children protected, and […]

Selected annual scholarships for PhD students from African countries

Some intending Post-doctoral and PhD students often share the philosophy that there are not many scholarship opportunities for them as Masters and Bachelors students. While this might be true somewhat, there are loads of opportunities for PhD students from Africa and other developing countries. While some are fully funded, others are partially funded or cater […]

Tips for parents: Raising a self-confident child

Self-Confidence simply means the belief in oneself. It has to do with how an individual sees himself/herself. Usually, what makes or mars self-confidence has to do with individual’s experiences—both past and present. Self-Confidence is very important because it’s the skeleton/the frame upon which the outward countenance of an individual is built. A self-confident person will […]

What is sex education and why is it important?

Sex education is the learning of sexual development as a natural part of growing up which encompasses learning about physical development, including sexual and reproductive knowledge, gender identity, relationships, friendships, and social issues. Sex education is intended to teach the young people about themselves to develop knowledge and skills that will help them to interact […]

Helping your kids with reading

The sole responsibility of the teachers is to teach the kids; no doubt. However, for the kids to have a complete and total learning experience, parents too have a key role to play: they must complement the effort of the teachers. The after school hours and holiday times shouldn’t be for playing/fun and visitations alone. […]

International Day of Mother Language: Benefits of mother language

International Mother Language Day is held annually on February 21 to promote awareness and, highlight the importance, of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. It is a day set aside to recognise and provoke productive thoughts on the need for preservation, protection, and development of all existing languages in the world as each language offers […]

A brief review on biochemistry

What is biochemistry? Biochemistry is the study of structure, composition, constituents, and chemical reactions of substances found in living systems. Biochemistry governs all living organisms and living processes, it is the science in which chemistry is applied to the study of living organisms or it is the chemical study of atoms and molecules which comprise […]

Effects of cheating in schools

As the habit of cheating fills our schools these days, our next question will be, what are its consequences? It definitely has short time and longtime effects on the lives of those involved, the educational system and the the society at large. Cheating in schools can systematically lead to the collapse of quality education. It […]

Pre-independence and post-independence Nigerian education

One issue that students of education are often asked to debate is the systematic difference between pre-independence and post-independence Nigerian education. Scholars’ opinion varies as to whether a fundamental distinction exists between the two systems. Despite having been transformed (formally) in practice, the post-independence Nigerian education appears to be much similar in principle with that […]

Medical Laboratory Science vs Science Laboratory Technology in Nigerian Universities

We find this article on the difference of Medical Laboratory Science and Science Laboratory Technology very informative, and would undoubtedly be very useful for students, especially Nigerian students, who are planning to take up a career in medical and health-related fields. Read on: Difference Between Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) and Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) By Amina […]