A comparative analysis of qualitative and quantitative research papers in second language education

IntroductionThe aim of this paper is to critically review and compare two research papers in the field of language education that adopted different methodological approaches – quantitative and qualitative. My analysis focuses on their key objectives, the methodology employed to achieve those objectives, the research scope within which the papers are located and the evidence […]

5 Ways to use critical thinking to improve the quality of your thesis

You might think that critical thinking – the application of clear thinking, use of logic, and objective reasoning in decision making – has no place in academic writing. But it does. According to a new research conducted by the Gallup on behalf of Phi Delta Kappa, an international association for professional educators, “critical thinking, creativity, communication, and other soft […]

An insight into crafting research questions

At the beginning of every thesis or dissertation, research students usually face challenges of crafting research questions, which often are returned from feedback as either broad or un-researchable. As such, having an insight into where to look for and how to craft research questions would help students deconstruct these challenges. Research questions are the key […]