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6 Effective SEO article writing tips to create impactful content

6 Effective SEO article writing tips to create impactful content
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SEO article writing implies writing articles in a way that imparts value to both search engines and people. Contrary to what many believe, this type of writing is a skill that comes with practice. Just writing something on a topic and stuffing keywords in it here and there isn’t considered SEO writing. Good SEO-optimized articles contain quality content that’s useful for people. This type of content is so valuable that search engines don’t hesitate to rank it on their results pages. In this article, you’ll learn about the various ways of creating SEO-friendly articles. 

SEO article writing tips to create valuable content

To write articles optimized for the various search engines, you must start by conducting the necessary research. This research will help you know more about the target audience you are writing to. So, you’ll be able to craft content that resonates with them.

1. Know who is your target audience

You cannot create SEO-friendly articles without knowing who exactly you are writing for. It’s necessary to understand who this audience is so that your copy becomes tailored to their needs. Fortunately, there are many tools online you can use to find out who will be interested in your services. The best one is Google Analytics. Your articles must be related in some way to your product or service. Some of them can be promotional, while others can be educative. A good mix of these types of articles will allow you to assert yourself as an industry expert.

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2. Know what you will be writing about

After understanding your audience, it’s time to find what you will be writing about. In simple words, it means keyword research. Keywords are those phrases or terms that people use to look for a specific product. So, studying keywords can give you many insights on topics and content creation that will answer the queries of your target audience. 

3. Understand the user intent

SEO article writers have a good knowledge of the user intent. To fully understand the search intent, you must know whether your topic is transactional or informational. If your topic is informative, it implies that the searcher typing it wants to gain more information. 

An example of this kind of keyword is ‘How to lose weight?’ When you type this into Google and see the results, you’ll notice articles and videos that explain how you can lose weight effectively. You’ll not find any websites that try to sell you anything related to it.

But if the topic is transactional, it means that the searcher is interested in buying or making a purchase. An example of such a keyword will be ‘Fat burner pills.’ When you type this keyword, you’ll notice sponsored ads followed by organic results of websites that sell these kinds of pills. Thus, it’s crucial to know the user or searcher’s intent to write SEO content effectively.  

4. Assess how comprehensive your topic is

You want your content to be so valuable that search engines have no option but to rank it high. How is that possible? It is by covering every detail of the topic in your article. It is how the experts of SEO article writing services can generate online content that doesn’t take long to rank high.

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Analyze the organic site listings on the first page of Google for a specific topic. Find how long the text is. You can use tools like the SEO Content Template of SEMRush. Just enter the focus keyword on it, and it will put forward the top ten ranking sites. Let’s suppose you find the average text length of the top ten ranking sites as 2000. So, if you write a 400-word long content, Google won’t rank it as it’s not comprehensive. 

5. Format your article for featured snippets

To format your content for featured snippets, include sections in it that can directly respond to question-based queries. These queries begin with ‘What is,’ ‘How to,’ and ‘List of.’ 

To optimize your writing for the featured snippet, give these queries an accurate and clear answer. Provide a precise and clear answer to the question. For best results, your article should have a section that states this question in one of the headings. Lastly, organize your content in a way that both search crawlers and users can quickly find this section.

6. Integrate semantic keywords in your article

Semantic means related. Semantic keywords are those related to your primary keyword. When you incorporate these keywords, it provides your readers with a complete understanding of a topic. To bring more semantically-related terms in your article, use more related nouns. Additionally, use synonyms of your primary keyword. You can also include terms that competing pages use to get your article ranked.

Final Words

Hopefully, you must have gained many insights about SEO article writing. Apply these tips when you are creating such articles. You’ll undoubtedly notice them gaining greater traction. If you want more help, it’s best to consider working with a reputed article writing service.

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