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7 Social media tips in boosting your web development and design

7 Social media tips in boosting your web development and design
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According to HootSuite (2021), there are approximately 4.2 billion active social media users. Relatively, Kubbco (2021) named the following as this generation’s most popular social media platforms: YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook ascendingly.

These reasons are what make social media platforms the go-to sites for any businesses’ marketing strategy. They help a brand build awareness, make sales directly within social platforms and develop engagement and relationships with both customers and potential ones. Such platforms can also serve as a gateway to your website so visitors can have access to firsthand information and be fascinated by your recent web works and activities.

Here are 7 social media tips for boosting your web development and design:

1. Build the momentum

You can do this by stirring anticipation on your visitors’ social media newsfeeds through a teaser campaign. Your target is to drive their curiosity up by revealing just a tiny bit of content on what they can expect from you. If it is a redesigned website, tell them that change is coming soon. Others get pretty excited and patiently wait on countdowns. This is a great way to gather your visitors around so that they are all set for the bigger and wider launch. Remember to plan before announcing a certain date. Finalize your plans and be consistent with your campaigns so there is no room for them to be misled or confused.

2. Time your posts

Just like television, social media platforms also have what is called “primetime”. This is the specific period within the day when people are mostly online. According to SproutSocial (2021), the best times to post your marketing campaigns are from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The preference could be since Monday can get swamped with work preparations for the week and Thursdays might require last-minute deliverables before TGIF. The worst day to publicize social media posts, based on the same source, is during Saturdays when everyone is out and taking a day off.

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3. Include your website or blog links in your social media posts

Your social media and your website should be each other’s best friends and work together. In your website posts, include links that can direct your visitors to your social pages. Make them “like” or “follow” so you can grow your community. In the same way, your social media posts should include a link that invites your visitors to your website. Not a lot would do this since website links eat too much text count. However, you can use tools like Bitly or Cuttly, that can transform your URL into a shorter and more readable link.

4. Ensure that your content is easy to share

Remember to keep your content readable and shareable. Audiences hate eye-sores a.k.a. long posts and wordy texts so keep everything light and digestible. When they find your content striking and useful, you can expect an increase in content shares. Since you will enclose a shortened link to your website in every social post, your website can also gain traction and following. If for some reason your social media posts cannot make the shortened link clickable, you can post it under the comment section instead.

5. Make them sign up for your newsletter

A newsletter is a perfect tool for your business where you can share relevant and valuable information across your community. You can campaign an invitation for your social media community to join your newsletter circle. Acquire their email addresses and make a delivery list. By then, you can reach their mailboxes where you can regularly send engaging content, links that direct them to your website, promote sales, and boost website traffic.

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6. Invite your visitors on a mission

For a better and more engaging way to drive traffic to your website and make visitors watch out for certain features up your sleeve, challenge them with a mission. This could go from as easy as asking to decode a message on any of your web pages to the more complex scavenger hunt. The possibilities are endless. Be sure to reward any visitors who have completed any assigned tasks successfully.

7. Spin contests on your social media

Social media users love joining online contests, especially if the contest does not require a lot of prerequisites. Hosting contests can focus their attention on your brand and can walk themselves through your website. Design a contest that can spark interest and make a short survey to go with that as well. Since they will have to key in information about themselves, make sure your website is secured. Once you have planned everything out, develop a contest landing page on your website. Then, promote that page on your social media through an exciting post with your shortened link. Do not forget to ask them to share and reward them with a simple e-coupon for doing so. By exerting little effort, you can surely give the website of your growing or start-up business the break it needs.

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