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A review of ‘The Lost Beach’ by Patience Ezinwoke

A review of The Lost Beach
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Author            Patience Ezinwoke

Title                The Lost Beach

Country          Nigeria

Language       English

Genre             Fiction (Lantern Adventure series)

Category        Pre-teen

Published       2014 by Lantern Books (a division of Literamed Publications (Nig.) Limited)

Pages              62

ISBN               978-100-656-2

Plot summary

The Lost Beach narrates the adventure of two young sisters, Lala and Caca, who wish to visit Port Harcourt Tourist Beach on the Children’s Day Celebration day, against the wish of the boys in the class to visit Stadium.

After careful planning, the two sisters table their wish before their form teacher, Ms Christy. After voting, the girls defeat the boys meaning they are going to the beach.

Sadly, Lala and Caca’s father disapproves of their visiting the beach because of the poor condition of the beach. The two inquisitive girls soon find their way to the beach to see things for themselves.

They become sad as they confirm their father’s story: the beach is run down—it is already ‘lost’.

Meanwhile, they see some kidnappers at the beach whom they later report to the police through their mother. The police commissioner handsomely rewards Lala and Caca but also slightly punished by their father for going to the beach without seeking permission.

They are happy at the end as the beach is renovated and they celebrate their May 27th there as they wish.


The story is set in the beautiful city of Port Harcourt; Caca and Lala’s school, their parents’ house, Uncle Jick’s house, Port Harcourt Tourist Beach, and the police station.

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The language is straightforward; the sentences are clear, the words are not complicated. Thus, The lost Beach is an ideal story for pre-teens and other interested readers.


The Lost Beach touches various themes such as parenting/child education, recreation, gender equality, rewarding kids, kidnapping, and so on.


The Lost Beach is an ideal story for young kids. As an adventure story, it is certainly an interesting read for kids. Nearly every kid enjoys going on an adventure, hence reading about adventure in a story will be fascinating to them.

The story is also morally enriching. It teaches the kids to always listen to their parents and to report to their parents and other appropriate authorities any strange occurrence they witness.

The Lost Beach teaches the girls not to feel inferior to the boys but to see them as their equals.

Interestingly, parents who read this story to their kids will also have a lesson to learn: children’s movement should be appropriately monitored to make them safe from bad people, e.g. kidnappers.

Nurudeen Lawal

Nurudeen Lawal

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