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Why is rapid eLearning development more important than ever before?

Why is rapid elearning development more important than ever before?
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The ripple effect of globalization and the unprecedented technological and digital advancement have changed the complexion of many realms. It has opened the floodgate of opportunity to decrease training cost, revamp the productivity at the workplace, and practical and faster delivery of content to delight numerous learners across the length and breadth of the globe.

The unpredictable time, especially never-ending pandemic scars, has given a lot of prominence to the eLearning platform. A significant portion of educational organizations and organizations shifted their focus on eLearning. All development described above reflects Rapid eLearning Tools that promises a great learning perspective moving ahead. The responsibility rests heavily on the eLearning providers how quickly and efficiently they can render their services to diverse clientele and learners.

Ways to use rapid eLearning platform for your business to augment ROI

Let’s unfold the abundance of opportunities that eLearning platforms offer.

With the rapid proliferation of technology and digital landscape, the educational establishments and corporate world want to lap up the new-fangled resources. It is easier said than done in terms of not being aware of implementing those resources in their business.

Needs to speed up development process   

Although the augmentation of technological advancement documents well, it needs to be practically viable across the industries. Indeed, it is a simmering challenge on the part of the providers. A large swath of clientele eagerly awaits using this platform to mitigate their requirements. Therefore, it has to be a more immediate development process.  

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Nevertheless, the authoring tools, the corporations eager to implement it quickly. Thanks to the eLearning tools, that drastically reduces the period to the development process. It is an excellent opportunity for developers to design templates and layouts in a short period. The companies are now able to repurpose the resources depending on their requirements.  

Maintaining and updating easy

The striking features of eLearning resources that allow quick revisions and updates. The organization can easily change the existing eLearning content. If the need arises, they create new eLearning materials keeping in the firm eye on the relevancy and evolving needs of the learners. Developers can customize for various realms depending on the requirement of the eLearning learning process. Simply put, updating and revisions become pretty easy, unlike the traditional learning material. Indeed, a great facility to be leveraged.

Make best uses within limited resources

The requirement of L&D professionals in this realm may not be mandatory for organizations now as they need a handful of eLearning professionals who create eLearning courses. With rapid eLearning tools, they can provide it quickly. The most striking feature is that they can easily download third-party templates and themes to introduce in the eLearning course. One platform is enough to perform myriad tasks leaving aside the use of multiple platforms. Therefore, the company optimizes the existing resources significantly and expects a handsome return on investment.

Engaging experience

Timely delivery and stress-free updating are the learners’ testimonies that generate a memorable learning experience. So, mistake-riddled content demotivates the learners. To get more engagement and pertinent to the subject, the clients look at the content that ought to be error-free and smooth-flowing. Besides, rapid learning also signifies quick completion of the course. It is the perfect way for online training resources that split into small meaningful chunks and easy information retention of the learners. Therefore, educational organizations and organizations can leverage rapid eLearning tools to make faster and better, and the survey shows that 20-65% increase retention through eLearning solutions.

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Better interaction

Although eLearning is cynosures to the eyes of many, it harbors considerable doubts to audiences regarding its viability in lieu of traditional learning systems. But those doubts soon develop into trust in eLearning. Learners can solve their problems by directly interacting with the instructors. Direct interaction helps them to develop their communication skills. Therefore, the learning solution is the need of the hour. 


The advantage of this learning model is its cost-effectiveness over physical training. The cost comes from paying mentor fees, travels, purchasing course materials. Since the learning mode is virtual, no charge of traveling is incurred. There is no need to buy extra software, and learning Management Systems are already in place, and the organization installs authoring tools to start composing eLearning courses. Training is no longer needed extended time to finish. Instead, the finishing time of the course is relatively short, and consequently, it improves the productivity of the company. Adaptive learning methodology reinforces the above powerfully. 

Most common rapid eLearning authoring tools

Articulate Storyline 360

Articulate Storyline 360 is the most preferred eLearning Authoring tool used in the market. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most suitable tools for developers, and it helps to compose a variety of engaging eLearning courses. Simply put, it is the modern age learning strategy that gives birth to telling your story through animated video, game-based, immersive learning, and it is a cloud-based authoring tool.

Adobe Captivate 2019

Despite the farewell of Flash in 2000, Adobe still rules the roost in the realm of authoring tool –Captivate 2019. Starting from mobile responsive to converting Flash to HTML and simulation. It offers to produce highly interactive and immersive eLearning materials. Besides, its rich features are a testament to its worth.

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Lectora Inspire 19

It is worth generating a perfect responsive mobile layout. Its responsive course design is the ideal solution for the organization to implement the “Bring your device” and “Mobile –First” strategy. Besides, if it requires to be, it can also help to convert Flash to HTML. 

Apart from this, other authoring tools equally play a pivotal role in the entire gamut of eLearning authoring tools.

Closing thoughts

Thanks to Rapid eLearning Tools that help the eLearning industry significantly. There is no need for hard-core programmers, and even a naiveté team member can create a sound solution. The authoring tools provide a dollop of benefits of a wide array of industrial activities. Always look for professionals like Acadecraft, a renowned eLearning solutions provider that offers affordable prices coupled with 24*7 client’s assistance.

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