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Six amazing educational mobile apps for kids

Six amazing educational mobile apps for kids
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Technology is not here to kill children’s education. On the contrary, it’s here to enhance it—all needed is some level of self-discipline and monitoring. So, parents should be less worried and work more on how to make sure their kids get the best from technology.

Children always love to play and dislike engaging in anything that appears tedious and boring. To make them learn without much problem, the learning system has to be fun and exciting. And that’s something common to all the apps listed here: educational content presented in games format:<!–more–>

1. Kids Learn to Read (Lite)

Kids Learn to Read is a delightful game for preschool children. It teaches kids to learn to blend letter sounds into words, practice reading, form new words, identify spoken words, read and form simple words, and learn word families. All these are done in a gaming format.

2. Number Games: Math for Kids

This mobile app is developed for children to learn mathematics in a fun way. It has 18 exciting educational and challenging activities and games for school kids with the Dinosaur theme.

3. YouTube Kids

With YouTube Kids, parents do not have to worry about the kinds of video content accessible to their kids anymore. If it’s not appropriate for kids, it can never be on YouTube Kids. The app presents kids with a safe platform where they can discover videos, channels, and playlists they love. The app also has a control feature that gives parents opportunity to customize it based on their family preferences.

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4. Buzkids

Buzkids is a personalized Flash Card based educational app that helps little kids learn alphabet, numbers, animal sounds, and fruit and vegetable names.

5. LearnEnglish Kids: Videos

This app presents English language lessons for kids (who are learning English as a second or foreign language) through numerous interesting animated videos for them to watch and listen to.

Some of the animated stories include; Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, The Monster Shopping Trip, Record Breakers and so on.

6. Puzzles Math Game for Kid!

This mobile app features an educational and entertaining game that enables children to practice basic math with fun. With basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, Puzzles Math Game for Kid! presents different puzzles to keep children productively busy. It helps kids to learn to recognize numbers and develop their motor skills.

Note: All the listed apps are available on Google Play Store.

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