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Doing this for an hour daily is sure to double your productivity

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We’ve been told so many times just how precious the first few hours of our mornings are, and how sacred we should treat them. In fact, there’s a school of thought that says if you can’t get yourself rolling in those first few hours, then you’ve lost all chances of having a productive day.

While there’s an inkling of truth to this notion, there’s also a general misperception regarding what we need to start the day with. Our natural inclination is to pounce on work head first the moment the fog clears from our eyes.

We go on to experience that initial burst of energy and enjoy productivity for the first few hours, yes, but it soon diminishes, and we’re left drained and tired the rest of the day.

Of course, If you’re only meant to work for 3 to 4 hours a day, this is totally fine, but for most of us, this isn’t the case.

Now the problem with this approach is the fact that we work without servicing our engines. It explains the decline in energy, the tiredness and the emotional drain you feel after just a few hours of work.

What if rather than pounce on work, you use an hour of your time to take care of yourself? This alternative approach has been proven to boost productivity in many folds. Why? Because it increases your energy level and your emotional and spiritual well-being. It’s like getting renewed every single day.

When you think of it, it’s so simple.

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You as a human being have so many aspects to you. Every constituent requires equal attention in order for you to become a balanced individual. You cannot ignore one aspect in favour of the other. Your body, your mind, and your soul, i.e the physical, the emotional spiritual aspect of you need to be fed every single day, and this is the one greatest secret to productivity.

It’s not how early you’re able to start the day’s work, it’s not some magical technique, it’s just this; take care of yourself.

Here’s a breakdown of what you need to do:

You’ll need to divide your first hour of waking up into 3, giving each aspect at least 20 minutes.


For the first 20 minutes, pray, read a portion of your holy scripture, or recite your daily affirmations, give gratitude for all the blessing in your life. This feeds your soul with the nourishment it needs to thrive.


For the second 20 minutes, practice meditation. Meditation can be as simple as concentrating on your breathing for 5 minutes, bringing back your attention to it when it wanders.

Plan your day mentally and visualize yourself carrying out your tasks happily and productively, this prepares your mind for what’s to come and puts you in a good mental state that’s favourable for work.


For the last 20 minutes take care of your physical body.

Drink a big glass of water, you should probably skip steps and do this immediately you wake up. Do some aerobic exercise like skipping, walking or jogging for 15 minutes.

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Bonus tip: 

Down a glass of fruit juice when you’re done.

Don’t be in a hurry to start your day’s work.

Doing this for an hour every day will skyrocket your energy level and concentration. The increase in productivity you’ll experience will more than quadruple what you could have achieved if you worked during that one hour.

The great thing is, you become less tired, more positive and generally healthier. You’ll be rewarded with all the energy you need to do all of the things you need to do.

Jamila Mustapha

Jamila Mustapha

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