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Gamification services: A boon to students

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E learning gamification services are what teachers look for nowadays. Though developing games for students isn’t too challenging, it isn’t effortless. So, teachers look for companies that can aid them in creating games according to their lessons.

Gamification even helps the Ignorant!

One of my friends, Elle, is a teacher in high school. She had no interest in games whatsoever! You will be startled to know she did not even find interest in Pokémon Go!

But lately, I’ve seen her going off her limits to make students play the games she has built for them! Now, how did it come about?

Many teachers from her school had been using gamified learning solutions. She saw that it helped students engage with the lesson, and they even understood better!

Learning History with Games!

She witnessed that students were less interested in her classes and waited for them to end. She even had the urge to call it quits. But, as a caring teacher, she did not want to leave her students mid-way.

As she had no interest in games, she took help from a company she had heard a lot about. It offered her a whole lot of options.

She made a quest for her history lessons with them: the more complex the level, the more prestigious the achievement badge.

Though Elle had taken help from one of the premier elearning gamification companies, she was worried about the students’ response.

It’s a Success!

But, to her surprise, the students who couldn’t spare her a minute earlier now asked her about the different stages of games!

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They even suggested that she should come up with more badges and rewards. The students now look forward to her history class. They are more engaging and participating than ever!

The game that the company developed for her had ten levels. All the levels covered the political, social, and religious backgrounds of the respective empires.

To Elle’s amazement, almost anybody could answer the trickiest of questions from the lesson that had played the game on!

Who helped her with the game?

Acadecraft is one of the leading e-learning companies that have several gamification services. The team helped Elle develop the most enjoyable games with several achievement badges. The best part was Elle had it done at the most affordable rate.

Key Takeaways

  • Gamification is an innovative step towards learning.
  • It strengthens the bond between the teachers and the students.
  • The students learn better and participate in class discussions.
  • The students feel less pressure and burden with the chapters.
Hope James

Hope James

At Acadecraft, we offer Online Special Education Services combining digital learning, independent projects away from the screen, and online connections with teachers and classmates, helping them connect emotionally.View Author posts

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