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Selected annual scholarships for PhD students from African countries

Selected annual scholarships for PhD students from African countries

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Some intending Post-doctoral and PhD students often share the philosophy that there are not many scholarship opportunities for them as Masters and Bachelors students. While this might be true somewhat, there are loads of opportunities for PhD students from Africa and other developing countries. While some are fully funded, others are partially funded or cater to certain academic needs of their beneficiaries.

Apparently, the high costs related to PhD studies at reputable higher institutions are one of the factors that make PhD scholarship programmes somewhat rare. However, we’ve carefully handpicked a good number of PhD scholarship programmes. These opportunities will probably interest any Post-doctoral or PhD student from Africa or any other developing country.

Let’s get started!

Leuven University PhD Scholarships

Offered to PhD students from developing countries, this scholarship allows its beneficiaries to perform their entire research at KU Leuven. If you’ve been following our updates, you’d observe that K.U Leven also offers other scholarship opportunities to non-PhD students.

For students interested in this scholarship, you can choose Doctoral programmes in the faculties of Engineering and Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science or Biomedical Sciences. This scholarship programme caters to health and life insurances, tuition fee, monthly stipend, allowances and travel costs. It’s offered annually, and the deadline for 2020/2021 applications is on 15th February 2020.

Just like every scholarship, there are some criteria you must meet to be eligible to participate. In this case, one of the requirements is that applicants must not be an Alumnus or an ex-worker at the University of Leuven. Check out the scholarship webpage here for details.

Japan Foundation United Nations University (JFUNU) Scholarships

This is an annual scholarship created for PhD students from developing countries. JFUNU is meant for outstanding applicants who show a dire and understandable need for financial assistance. This scholarship programme addresses the needs for sustainability, peace-building, climate change, among other factors through an interdisciplinary approach. For students looking to master the knowledge and skills needed to provide solutions to global issues, then this is for you.

The JFUNU scholarship caters to tuition fees and offers a monthly allowance of 150,000 JPY to its beneficiaries for a maximum period of 24 months. The students will handle other expenses such as travel costs, health insurance, among others. However, this programme is not for applicants looking to obtain a second PhD degree.

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Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) Scholarship

SINGA is a fully-funded PhD scholarship programme for international students looking to opt for a full-time PhD programme. SINGA is a collaboration of three bodies to provide PhD training to their beneficiaries. It entails research works under strict supervision and is open to all international graduates who have outstanding academic results and passion for research.

SINGA offers up to 240 scholarship opportunities annually with a monthly stipend of S$2,000. The offer is valid for only four years, and you can visit here to get more details. This might be the opportunity you’ve always waited for.

Commonwealth PhD Scholarships

Every year, this scholarship opportunity is offered to citizens of commonwealth countries that are under development. Funded by UK DFID (Department for International Development), this programme is geared towards contributing to UK’s development cause and sustaining Commonwealth’s principles.

Just like every other scholarship opportunity, Commonwealth PhD scholarship has its application requirements and eligibility criteria. You can check these out here. It offers a 36-months duration of scholarships for PhD, and each beneficiary gets airfare to and from their home country, tuition fees, living allowance, examination fees, among other values.

Cambridge PhD Scholarships for International Students

This is one of the scholarship programs that don’t place some applicants above others because of their financial situation. Organized by the University of Cambridge, among other scholarships they offer, this PhD scholarship awards up to 300 international students annually.

In this scholarship programme, PhD students are awarded in line with their references, academic qualifications and potentials for in-depth research works. University of Cambridge PhD scholarships cater to the cost of fees and maintenance throughout the period of study.

MOFCOM Scholarship

The Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) of China offers scholarship awards to PhD and Masters Students from developing countries. This programme was instituted by MOFCOM of the People’s Republic of China to strengthen cooperation and communication between China and other countries.

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Hosted in China, this scholarship is open to only students from developing countries. It caters to tuition fees, research and survey, teaching materials fees, on-campus accommodation and many more. However, all applicants must be in good health and non-citizens of China Republic. The deadline for this scholarship is often 30th April annually.

University of Tokyo PhD Scholarships

PhD students looking to study abroad, have their tuition fees paid and other expenses handled now have a chance. University of Tokyo PhD scholarships aims at raising the number of students from abroad and financially supporting international students with outstanding academic performance.

Beneficiaries of this programme get a research grant of 144,000 yen or 145,000 yen monthly among other benefits. Check it out here.

FIG Foundation PhD Scholarships

Fédération Internationale des Géomètres (FIG) which depicts the International Federation of Surveyors is providing scholarship awards to deserving PhD students from developing countries. Offered annually, this programme offers over 4,000 euros to deserving PhD students. An additional grant of 3,000 euros is given to successful applicants to present a paper at a FIG conference.

Only students in the Surveying field and other related areas can apply for this award only if they meet the requirements. You can visit the scholarship page for details on how to apply and further requirements. But it’s worth noting that applicants will have to submit a number of documents during application.

Fulbright Foreign Scholarships for Masters and PhD Students

Open to about 4,000 international students, this award is offered annually with an application deadline that varies with countries. Applications from various fields of studies are considered except clinical medical research and medical degree program. This programme enables artists and young professionals to conduct research in the states.

Fulbright scholarship has been in existence for over 50 years and is administered by Fulbright Commissions/Foundations or US Embassies. Applicants must meet a set of requirements of which one of them is completing an undergraduate education or having a degree that commensurate bachelor’s degree. For the beneficiaries, the duration of scholarship spans across the period of research, study or non-degree program. You can learn more here.

DAAD Scholarships

In a bid to assist young professionals from developing countries, the German Academic Exchange Service offers scholarship opportunities to pursue a postgraduate degree at German Universities. DAAD scholarships come up annually and are meant for students from developing countries who show a strong interest in the economic issues developing and transition countries face.

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While German institutions offer a wide range of courses in various fields, DAAD provides scholarship to students in certain fields of study. It offers full and partial scholarships and targets women and other candidates from the disadvantaged group who are eligible. Depending on the particular German institution, the duration of scholarship can be between 12-24 months. Application details are readily available on the official website of DAAD.

Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships

For students who are ready to pursue their career in any field of study the University of Edinburgh offers, the school is offering 30 scholarship awards to eligible applicants. Applicants must be able to cater to tuition fees at the rate relatable to overseas students. Qualified applicants will have to apply online and must have a track record of academic excellence.

Edinburgh Scholarships caters to the difference in tuition fees of overseas graduate students and UK/EU graduate students. The scholarship awards are tenable for about three years.

Australia Awards Scholarships

Formerly addressed as Australian Development Scholarships (ADS), Australia Awards Scholarships offer students from developing countries the opportunities to pursue a full-time postgraduate or undergraduate course at any of the participating Australian institutions.

This programme offers beneficiaries full tuition fees, establishment allowance, return air travel, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), Contribution to Living Expenses (CLE), among others. You can find more details about the official scholarship website page.

Applicants must be 18+ years and be a citizen of any participating country. Applicants must not be current military personnel serving or a citizen of Australia. It’s quite worthy to note that the awards are not applicable for those who are looking to undergo training in areas related to nuclear technology, aircraft or military training.

There are many scholarship programmes available for PhD students from developing countries and Africa. Take time out, go through their terms and awards, and choose what works for you.

Good luck to you on your next application!

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