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How to earn an income online with or without a regular job

How to earn an income online (even when you have a regular job)
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Many people are now looking to make money or income online even when they have a day job. Making money online is not easy, except you are scamming hardworking folks of their money. But that said, nearly every skill that we possess can be used to make money online these days.

If you are looking for that extra income to supplement your day job, here are four suggestions that cost little or not to start.


Did you know that you can make a profitable side income as a freelancer? Freelancers work as contract staff for various companies. In most cases, they are paid per project, they work from anywhere they like, and they are usually not entitled to benefits from the companies that they work for.

So maybe you are very good at writing but you are currently stuck in a retail job. You can make a lot of money writing blog posts, articles, press releases, etc. for various businesses online.

You can also freelance as a web designer, graphic artist or virtual assistant. The options are so many and there are so many free resources that can give you a good start.


Who knew that you do not need to be an academic professor before you can teach people? Websites like Skillshare let people teach their skills to others as a way of making money.

You can record some hours of lectures and students who are subscribed to Skillshare (and other learning websites) learn from all the knowledge that you have to impart.

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This is such a good side income generator for anyone. You only need to record your videos and upload them, and they can continuously make money for you.

Social media management

If you are already having a good time on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, why do you make some money by posting on behalf of someone else? Businesses pay people to manage their social media profiles, and you can make a comfortable side-income from this.

Social media hs even become more lucrative with the rise of influencer marketing. People with a large following on different social media platforms now use their pages to advertise on behalf of businesses and they make a lot of money from it.

Just make sure that the businesses that you advertise for are those that will be of interest to your audience, otherwise, you may lose followers.

Affiliate marketing

Another way to make money online is to be an affiliate for businesses. Affiliates recommend products that will be of interest to their audience, and when anyone uses their affiliate link, they earn a commission.

This is a good way to earn money on the side. People make hundreds of dollars from a single blog post that recommends a product. And this even brings in money for several years without you having to do anything apart from sharing your links consistently on different platforms.

Between these four ways to make money, you can earn an income online even while still working at your regular 9-5.

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