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Keeping a healthy environment

Protect Your Environment
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How healthy is your environment( your life)?

Our environment has a colossal impact on our mental health and happiness. Healthy environments relieve stress, provide comfort and joy, and prevent loneliness and isolation.

Our body is one of the most significant environments. Maintaining a healthy environment can have a powerful impact on our body and physical health.

The need for us to stay in a healthy environment can never be overrated. Many of us have got potentials and talented, but the environment we choose to live in prevents us from rising any higher. We need to stop surrounding ourselves with the wrong sort of people.

Our past influences our environment and shapes the way we behave. Many of us struggle to let go of our pasts. We are constantly stressed and depressed. There is an immense gap between having environmental knowledge and displaying pro-environmental behavior.

Just as we recycle waste materials around us, we should endeavor to recycle the junk we have in our hearts and lives.

You see, what happened in your past is nothing compared to how important the events in your future will be. But first, you need to start planting the seeds you want to see grow in your environment.

Protect your environment, protect your health.

Whitney Edna Ibe

Whitney Edna Ibe

A highly motivated, skilled and creative individual. A passionate writer, editor and blogger by heart and a motivational speaker at various forums.View Author posts

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