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Leaders Are Mentors- Lead Intentionally

Leaders Are Mentors- Lead Intentionally
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We are all leaders in our various capacities. True leaders make it a priority to lead and mentor. They also develop other leaders to come in and take the reins and become more efficient. Are you leading and mentoring people right, or do you put it off as ”not my responsibility”?

We all need to start demonstrating leadership. Industries associations, cities, communities, schools, and even the government all need to build leaders at all levels. It’s about time we all embrace the idea that every one of us has the power to show leadership in all that we do, especially in these times of head-spinning change.

We shouldn’t use the excuse of “I don’t have a high rank or occupy an important position,’‘ not to take uncut leadership of our actions or become accountable. 

If we are serious about thriving and surviving, then it is requisite we take ownership of our roles. Every one of us must see ourselves as part of the leadership team. 

No role is an inappreciable role. Whether you’re mentoring, coaching, project managing, etc you need to grow and develop the leadership talents you’ve got. You can be accurately excellent in all you do. Get the desire to be involved and the commitment to making a positive difference.

We all need to start leading where we are planted and shine forth the greatness in us where we find ourselves daily.

” If everyone, would sweep their doorstep, the world would be clean”- Mother Theresa.

Whitney Edna Ibe

Whitney Edna Ibe

A highly motivated, skilled and creative individual. A passionate writer, editor and blogger by heart and a motivational speaker at various forums.View Author posts

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