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Secret financial solutions for students during the pandemic

Secret financial solutions for students during the pandemic

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The world is facing a global health challenge, which is affecting every sector in each country. While this common virus, coronavirus, affects our daily activities and social life, many industries and countries are preparing for a worldwide economic crisis. This financial crisis will affect many organizations and individuals, and global education might be affected as well. Students studying abroad are greatly affected due to travel bans and are suffering from financial problems due to their rapid change of plans. After this pandemic, many students may find it difficult to access education because many worry about housing fees, application fees, student loans, books, and studying materials. 

This article will analyze some secret financial solutions that students can use to make money during this pandemic to prevent this from happening. This will help students be financially stable throughout the coronavirus pandemic period and when the school resumes. 

1. Use freelance opportunities

Now that many students are forced into quarantine and are asked to stay at home, we should learn how to make money through freelancing. Making money this way means that you will be at home and doing jobs for people who need it from your computer. Freelancing is a way to make money remotely from home or anywhere you found yourself during this pandemic. 

There are several ways you can make use of the freelancing platforms to make money as a student during this period. If you know about website design, logo design, writing articles, and other skills related to your discipline, you can do freelance for people remotely and make money. The Internet is never closing, and you can always get clients to request for your services.

While there are many freelance sites that you can join, you will be selling that skill and making as much as you want before school reopens. You can use some of the websites such as Fiverr, Upwork,,, and Virtual Assistant Facebook Groups and Freelancer Facebook Groups. Open an account, create a gig, and you will receive jobs or send job offers to clients. 

2. Sending cold emails 

Students can use the opportunity of this pandemic period to start sending cold emails and making money. A cold email is an email sent out to potential customers without having a prior relationship before. We can say this is like a cold call, but it is less obtrusive. A cold email can generate sales, favour, opportunities, and other dual-sided gains when successfully done. 

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On the other hand, cold email is sending emails to someone you don’t know for some reason. Although it is mostly related to improving sales, cold sales can also be used to send cold emails and see this in our daily lives. 

Examples of cold emails that you can send to generate money during this lockdown include:

– Students sending emails to HR of a company to get internships 

– Salesman sending mass emails to different people randomly to sell his product

– Marketers sending emails to unknown people to gain publicity and advertise their new products.

Those are a few reasons why people send cold emails. It works for the marketers, students and sales associates. Students can use this lockdown period to help these people send cold emails to unknown people at a cost before school reopens. 

3. Increase your connections

Networking has moved online, and this is great news. While the professional associations in your community provide you with venues to meet professionals in your community, the web allows you to meet with people across the world. While meeting with people online, you can share your passions and interests with them to boost your relationship. The best way to expand your network online is through online communities and social media. However, connecting with people is not very easy nowadays; to connect with people, you need to work hard to build a genuine, meaningful relationship.

As a student, you can use this lockdown period to connect with people through different platforms. Penprofile is one of them. This will increase your chances of getting work after graduation. People want to work with colleagues they know very well, people they trust and people they like. When building a professional relationship with people online, there are some factors you should consider – credibility, likability, and transparency. While credibility builds trust, likability reflects people’s interest, and transparency lets people know you more. After building a professional relationship with them, you can always reach out to them after graduation for help, like jobs and internships.

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There are different ways to increase your connections online. You can use video chats, reach out, Shapr App, Facebook group, Instagram, and LinkedIn. While all these platforms are good, the most popularly used platform is LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, please create an account, follow people, and let them follow you back. Join groups with active communities, participate in discussions, ask questions, and let them know you well. Please write an article, post it on the page, ask questions in the article, and discuss it. This will let you get engagement and build a strong professional relationship.

4. Become an online tutor

It seems we are now in the 21st-century educational system due to this coronavirus virus pandemic. Since this pandemic has caused the shutdown of schools, schools and teachers are now using the online learning environment. As a student sitting at home due to this pandemic, now is the best time to sign up for an online tutoring platform such as VIPKid to start tutoring kids. On this platform, you will help teachers and students to navigate and learn about the online education world. 

As an online tutor, you will be providing the needed educational information to kids without seeing them, thereby preventing any health risks or the transfer of coronavirus. Also, as a student working on VIPKid, you should be making up to $22 per hour! This platform is all about teaching English language lessons to native Chinese speakers. You do not have to worry about understanding the Chinese language; it is an immersion program! Apart from VIPKid, some other online tutoring programs that are paying include:

– Skooli – This involves the tutoring of K-12 courses and college courses. It pays $25 per hour. 

– Chegg – You can use this platform to teach different subjects from biology to calculus, and pay $20 per hour. 

– Brainfuse – You can teach different topics and subjects from elementary to college level and pay $10 to $15 per hour. 

– – Before being considered a tutor on this platform, you must be a successful trader expert in that subject. This platform pays $9 to $13 per hour. 

– Yup – On this platform, you will be teaching primary sciences and mathematics, and it pays $10 to $13 per hour. 

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– TutorMe – There are over 300 subjects here, including GRE and ACT. This platform pays $16 per hour. 

5. Get paid for your opinion

While the schools are closed and everywhere in total lockdown, students can make money online when they share their opinions online. To share your opinions, you will have to take online surveys. Although taking online surveys is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it will help you in crises. You will have little money to stay balanced throughout the lockdown and before school reopens. So, how does this work?

Many political organizations, brands, and research groups are looking for help in getting the latest trends and what people will like about a particular product. These people will send out a few questions that you will answer, and they will pay you in return. You can spend from 5 to 30 minutes taking surveys online, and you will get paid a few dollars for the time. However, depending on the type of survey you are taking, you can get as much as $50, $100, or more per survey. To get started, you must get involved in some online or in-person focus groups or provide feedback and test out a new product.

There are many survey apps on the Internet today, and we have some better than the other. The two of those survey apps that are better for newbies are Swagbucks and Survey Junkie. These two platforms are highly rated with positive reviews and a long track record of paying their clients. Therefore, instead of wasting more of your time browsing social media that is not paying you or staying glued to the TV watching events unfold, you can improve your finances by performing online surveys.

Final take:

Nobody can predict what will be the end of the Coronavirus pandemic. No matter how it ends, students should make money before it ends, and school reopens. While there are many other ways to make money as a student during this lockdown, the above are some secret financial solutions that will help students. Once you can make some cash before school resumes, you will have little or no financial problem.

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