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Who You Become In The Process Is Important

Who You Become In The Process Is Important

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What is more important to you? Reaching your goal oR who you become in the process? Achieving one’s goal in life is very important. But, more importantly, who you become in the process.
Consistency is a vital ingredient for success, yet you can’t be consistent in anything. Be committed to becoming the best version of yourself as you pursue your goals in life.

It can be very exhausting, to run a race without having a clear picture of where the finish line is. Ensure you’re clear on what your goals are. Don’t lose yourself or your values in the process.
Know the core purpose behind every race you run, or you burn out. And trust me, it’s not always fun.
If your goal is to be mentally healthy, you can’t afford to surround yourself with mentally unstable people. You will never become who you want to be.

We must have clear goals in life, but more importantly, who we become in the process. It takes discipline, perseverance, commitment, and lots of grace to run daily with our goals in life.
It’s always easy to get stuck in a rut, run our race half-heartedly, and with all the distractions around us, it’s not difficult to miss the mark.

What motivates you to pursue your life’s goal? Is the prize more crucial to you or the higher purpose of who you are called to be?
For me, both are important. What about you?

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