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10 Ways to boost your exam performance

10 ways to boost your exam performance
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After attending classes successfully, now this is the time to give exams. Many bright students underperform at the day of an exam because they do not prepare themselves for the optimum exam performance. That is why they see the difference between their hard work on studying and actual exam performance. In this article, you will get to know easy ways to boost up your exam performance. Read on below to understand them:

1. Planning

When you have so much workload, you get confused from where to start? This happens when you don’t plan. You can no longer be underperforming in exams if you plan your schedule properly. Studying as much as you can is not the wise approach rather making strategies for everything you need to do for exams is the practical approach. Do plan ahead of time to succeed. Planning may consist of:

  • How many hours will you give to each subject in a day?
  • On which topics you need help?
  • What would be your sleep schedule and wake up time?
  • What would be the possible hurdles in achieving your preparation goals and how to overcome them?

2. Ask frequent questions

You must give more attention in the class to be prepared well for the final exams. Ask frequent questions to the teachers and clear out every ambiguous thing comes in your mind related to the topic.

3. Ability to take good notes

You might underperform in your exams due to your inability to take good notes. If you write notes in an unorganized way, you will face difficulties in revising from them at home. Your notes in the class must be logically organized, understandable, comprehensive and useful. Your essay writing skills will automatically improve if your notes are good.

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4.  Say no to distractions

One of the biggest reasons for bad performance in exams is getting distracted towards useless activities during exam preparations such as using social media, gossiping with friends, long phone calls, hangouts, etc. Say NO to all such activities.

5. Get online help

If you find difficulty in understanding a particular topic, seek online help. Sometimes after the end of the session, teachers are not available readily. In this case, getting help from online is a wise decision to save time.

6. Spare time for revision

Spare out some reasonable time for the revision. Enough revision will give your confidence a boost to excel in the exams.

7. Stay calm and avoid panicking

Some fellow students do not only panic themselves but put others too in a panic-mode on the day of the exam. Stay away from such friends. You should focus on positive things. You should have trust in your hard work. Don’t let such people affect you. Panicking may cost you stupid and avoidable mistakes in haste and confusion while giving exams. Stay calm and confident as much as you can.

8. Allocate time for each question

You must roughly estimate how much time you will be allocated to each question so that no question can be missed out.

9. Don’t get stuck

If you get stuck on a question, do not panic. Stay calm and go to the next question. In the end, when you have time after finishing all the questions, give it a try again.

10. Don’t think too much about the results

Your all focus should be on preparation and not on the results. Do your best and leave the rest. Overthinking about the results will make you more stressed and nervous.

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