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8 Tips and tricks to make your college life 10 times easier

8 tips and tricks to make your college life 10 times easier
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Getting into college is exciting, no doubt. College life is a stage that comes with much independence and to a great extent symbolises growing up. But with this independence comes great responsibility and a unique set of challenges.

Some of these include: keeping good grades, managing your time and finances, developing yourself in areas other than the academics, and keeping your sanity and health intact while you’re at it. These can prove to be overwhelming and stressful for many students.

While some handle it amicably, others become depressed, resort to drugs or in worst case scenarios, get a heart attack and die, seriously!

Today, I’m here to tell you that college life doesn’t have to be a pain in the eyes. You can have it all; good grades, fun, money, sense and good health.

Here are my 8 best tips to make it happen:

1. Eat and sleep well

Hear this, of all the tips I’ll give today, no one is as important as this one, and there’s no one you’re more likely to throw out the window. Listen, sleeping and eating well is not optional, it is an absolute necessity. There’s no better investment you can make in college than taking care of your health.

A lot of people will tell you otherwise. You’ll see your friends doing otherwise. if you cannot advise them do not join them.

Your brain is your most important resource, not just at college but at whatever stage you’re in your life. When you take care of it, things are easy, when you don’t, you struggle.

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Never compromise on your 7 to 8 hours of daily sleep, most especially during exams. Lack of adequate sleep doesn’t just make you really dull, it wrecks havoc on your memory, your physical strength, your health, and your happiness.

Things will just get so hard for you, and you won’t even be able to understand why. Yes, you’ll become that dull.

2. Youtube is your best friend

Reduce your fast food budget and use the savings to add to your monthly data subscription, if you have to. Truth is, you cannot be excellent academically by relying only on your handouts and lecture notes. You’ll need to source for further materials and broaden your horizon.

Youtube presents the best option for students who are lazy about reading. There are videos on every topic and every course under the planet. You’re covered.

3. Undergraduate CEO?

Hey, why not?

There’s absolutely no reason why you should struggle with finances at college, and there’s no reason why you should bother your parents either. They’re so many things you can do to make money, most of them revolve around using your brain (see why sleep is even more important). You have no idea how many people are in need of that skill you take for granted.

I know a student who makes money by collecting used good belongings to other students and selling them on their behalf on for a commission.

There’s another one that became an agent; the middle man between house owners and students looking for accommodation.

Look around you and see the problems students are facing, if there’s anyone you can solve, you’re already in business.

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4. Leverage technology

Close your eyes, bend your head down and let’s all give a silent gratitude to God for the coming of apps.

These days, there are apps for virtually everything. Apps are meant to save our time and make our lives easier.

What area of your student life is giving you the most trouble? Chances are, there’s an app that can help with that.

Are you having trouble being organized and productive? use calendar and to do list.You jot notes on pieces of paper and they get lost? Use Evernote instead. Are you having trouble falling asleep at night? use calm, Etc.

5. Have a study plan

Boring stuff, yeah I know. That doesn’t take away from its immense importance though. As long as we’re talking about making your life easier, we must talk about having a plan. You must know when exactly to read every day and what to read, the duration and what you hope to take away.

Create a habit out of this and stick to it and watch yourself become unstoppable where others struggle.

6. Learn speed reading

If you’re still wondering, yes that’s a thing and it’s real. How easier will your life become if you can slash your reading time in half without compromising comprehension? Just because you’re in school doesn’t mean you use up all your time studying.

College gives you the opportunity to develop yourself in so many other areas; mental, spiritual, psychological, physical and so on, and that’s not going to happen if you’re spending the whole day in the Library.

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There’s a lot of information on google about speed reading and there’s no one cap fits all formula. Do a little digging until you find what works for you.

7. Don’t cram

Just. don’t. do. it.

The moment you get tempted, give yourself a big hard slap and opt for comprehension instead. 

Cramming is nasty business. It will consume all your time, ruin your performance and any chance you might have of being excellent. That’s not to talk of you becoming half mad during exams.

Tell me if these are not signs of madness: refusing to talk to anyone and isolating yourself, talking to yourself, looking to the high heavens or the high ceiling in search of what’s supposed to be in your head, being jittery and just so so unhappy.

People who cram live the most unpleasant life in college and this is understandable.

What else do you expect from a person who is always jam-packing mediocre nonsense into his tired brain 18 hours a day?

People who cram do not believe in themselves, I’m hoping that’s not you.

8. Read number 1 again; Oh yeah, it’s that important

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