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What are homework help explainer videos and why does it matter?


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Homework help explainer videos! Doesn’t that sound interesting?

The Covid-19 pandemic has been raging the world since last year. With each passing month, we see several other variants of the virus taking up the place.

But for how long can we keep the students away from school and tuition?

To help them, several online e-learning educational platforms have come up with explainer videos.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is way shorter than a regular video. But that doesn’t make it less essential. An explainer video usually takes one to two minutes for your screen time.

The home tutoring explainer videos provide the essential details of a particular concept within that short time.

Though the explainer videos are particularly used to promote a company’s service or product, they are now being used in education.

How to create explainer videos?

Do you want to create explainer videos? If yes is the call, just follow these basic rules while creating an explainer video.

Keep it short

You are trying to explain a very crucial topic. I get it. But, if you elongate your video just like the words in the textbooks, what is the use?

So, even if the topic is complex or important, make sure you convincingly explain everything in the shortest time possible.

Keep it accurate

The homework help explainer videos should not have erroneous information. You have to keep in mind that millions of students will be watching your videos.

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You need to have credible information delivered because if not, the students will be at a loss.

The less, the better!

Yes, in explainer videos, you cannot clutter a pool of information. It will make your video confusing. If you want, you can divide the concept into two three videos. Don’t make your videos unnecessarily long.

Multiple platforms

Make your videos accessible to several platforms. Students with mobile phones must be able to enjoy your video just like the students with laptops.

Do explainer videos matter at all?

Of course, they do! If the students have the explainer videos with them, they don’t have to be worried about being confused with their homework anymore.

The home tutoring explainer videos help the students with short and effective videos. These videos help them in the long run.

The students do not have to depend on their teachers anymore. They can learn everything from the explainer videos within a short time.

If you don’t want to make explainer videos, contact Acadecraft. The company has some of the best explainer video solutions. It is available at an affordable rate.

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Hope James

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