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Education as a tool for social transformation

Education as a tool for social transformation
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If education is a key to success, for sure, it could be a doorway to social transformation. While societal change remains the most difficult thing to achieve, it is also the most important thing to aspire for and transform a society. To make the daunting process easier, a robust and modern education system needs to be put in place alongside a consideration for other factors.

Education is one of the most dynamic aspect of our societal development that plays significant and literarily indispensable role in our existence. Many things can be achieved with education and many can be lost without it. How then does it influence social transformation? But before then, let’s look at the factors that affect social transformation.

What are the factors that affect social transformation?

There are lots of factors that affect social transformation. They include culture, economy, environment, geography, technology, population, urbanization, war, democracy, legislation, industrialization etc. These factors vary from society to society, and the development of each depends on the educational development of a society.

How does education help social transformation?

Education is not only a sector in the society, but it plays a significant role when it comes to social transformation. Through education, people are being prepared to welcome new changes. It is generally not easy to interfere with people established way of life, but through education, change can be achieved gradually. It can be embedded in the curriculum so that it can slowly prepares the mind of the citizens without going through much resistance.

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Education is certainly a powerful key when it comes to social transformation. Through education, the society is able to take the desired alterations and revolutions. It is not easy to understand social transformation but through education, everything is given clarifications since by creating awareness and giving people the experiences and opportunities, it will help them to nurture in order for them to fully adjust to the changes.

One way of preparing people through education is by letting them have a glimpse of other people’s life past and present. Comparing the way of life will give them a better understanding of how social transformation happens with time.

In addition, education can also help in changing the attitude of the society since it improves the attitudes of individuals in order to fight predispositions, outdated beliefs, and fallacies, which are also hindrances to social transformation.

Who can help in social transformation?

Teachers are considered to be the first instruments of social transformation since they are at the centre of the educational system. They are the ones who will act as agents of social change and will open the eyes and minds of the students to the changes in society. It is said that no nation can rise above the quality of its teachers.

In addition, teachers will serve as an example to the students by giving importance to positive thinking, hard work, compassion rational thought, feeling for reverence for individual personality, and trust in transformation so that others will follow. Because always look up to their teachers, they can easily be influenced by their thoughts and actions.

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Beside teachers, parents also play important role in child education; in fact, they lay the foundation of every child education and perception of the world.

Social transformation happens gradually with time, and many factors are involved. Changes are not easily come by, so the best way to prepare people for a change is to create awareness and institutionalize change agenda in the education system.

Lawan Dalha

Lawan Dalha

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