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Five high paying part time jobs for students

Five high paying part time jobs for students
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Wouldn’t it be great to make some bucks even while schooling? This has been the dream of many students. The development you seek in school shouldn’t be all about getting the knowledge; you should have some money to yourself. An average college student is often strapped for cash and is in constant demand of money. But you can do it differently. Here are some part time jobs you can lay your hands as a student to make some cash.

Tutorial master

Ask any student; they’ll always name courses that are tough to learn. Others would say they can’t pass those courses. If you’re good at these courses and can answer/solve questions near-perfectly, you can leverage on these issues to make some cool cash. Meet those students that battle with these courses, organize classes for them and tutor them. You may want to set an hourly, daily or weekly rate and ensure you deliver what they need. However, you should strike a balance between this and your regular academic activities.


Are you dexterous when it comes to making hair? You can earn cash from it as a student. You can have your clients come to your home and have their hair done, or you can offer home services. Set your working hours not to interfere with your school activities, deliver quality and attractive hairstyles that your clients can’t resist. Doing this can put a good amount of money in your pocket as a student.

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Internet researcher

Surfing the Internet to find certain information could be quite a hassle for some students. You can take up this job and let them pay you. You can research on law firms to help law students, as well other niches to assist different students in various departments. It may sound impossible, but a lot of students need your help on this.

Freelance writer

If you’re a good writer, you can get paid for writing for your fellow students, and other people across the world. All thanks to technology, you can sit in your hostel room and work for different companies and individuals. You can sign up on various freelance platforms and make your way to money through it. While you school, you can help fellow students with writing projects too for a fee. Check out this article about top resourceful websites for content writers. It will help you. 


If you love capturing beautiful and memorable moments, you can make money while schooling. You may want to kick off your photographing brand if you have the capital or visit photographers to see if they need your service. Photography is a work that often requires your dedication at nights or during the weekends, so you can easily combine this with your academic activities. You can always start up small and grow big with time.

The world is fast evolving, and you don’t have to depend strictly on your parents or academic sponsors to get all you need while schooling. Look around and find what you can do to ensure you get paid no matter how little. That’s a big step towards becoming the great and independent person you dream to be in the future.

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