How Often Do You Say Yes When You Meant To Say No

How Often Do You Say “Yes” When You Meant To Say “No”?

How often do you say “yes” when you meant to say “no”?
What is it about saying no that makes us so anxious?

One of the most disarming ways to say no is to tell the person how anxious you feel about saying it.
Many people are too concerned with what people would say or think if they were to say no or better yet, speak their mind.

Failing to say no and say yes when we don’t mean it is often based on fear. Fear cripples our perspectives and affects our mental health.

A friend of mine recently complained about taking up more roles at her workplace out of fear of what her boss would say if she had said no. She feels stuck with so many responsibilities yet tries to convince herself she did the right thing.

Sounds familiar?

The truth may sound harsh, but it will set you free in the long haul. But first, you need to admit it.

Does your life feel overloaded with responsibilities you didn’t ask to have?
It’s time for you to confront your negative thinking and improve your mental health.

Your imagination can get the best of you when you are afraid.
Here are pointers to guide you;

. Be honest with yourself when you feel anxious about a choice you need to make.

. It’s okay to question the health of any relationship in which you can’t be honest without horrible consequences.

. Be realistic with your responsibilities. You can’t do everything. Failure to understand this means you are ready to fail.

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. Courage is a muscle, and learning to say no when you need to, strengthens your muscles.

Refuse to allow fear to guide your decisions.


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