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To all the men, it’s okay to express your hidden emotions.

       The major problem we have in the workplace, family, and relationships results from emotions we have hidden and failed to express.
Men naturally love the facts and how quickly a discussion can get the bottom line. Women’s thoughts hinge on several levels, and it takes her a little longer to process all the facts and details.

We all need to understand each other communication styles to have healthy and balanced relationships.
Most of the time, when a man speaks to a woman, he doesn’t tell her what he’s feeling. I’ve seen this play out in every aspect of life, especially during my counseling sections with couples.

Women are often written off as foolish and inferior by men because they are expressive and love to show their emotions. No woman should be made to feel that way. It’s unhealthy and destructive to their image and personality. Men need to stop assuming that their approach is better than that of women.

The misunderstanding that comes from poor communications contributes to mishaps in our homes, workplace, relationships, and communities. Men find it easy to say what they are thinking and not what they feel.
Men, you all need to start learning to communicate your feelings to women.
Yes, women are wonderful, but they are not mystic beings.

Learn to treat women with sensitivity based on a knowledge of what they need. In turn, they will replenish those needs. A woman mustn’t come to any conclusions about a man’s motivations, not until she discovers what he is feeling.

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“When we don’t understand the purpose of a thing, we begin to misinterpret the motives behind it.”

As a man, how often do you find it difficult to verbalize how you feel? It’s time to express how you feel. And it’s okay to do that.

I encourage you today to start communicating your feelings. We complement each other better when we understand each other and communicate effectively.

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